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Gin Palace, The Powder Keg Opens

By Sophia Fukunishi
13th Jan 2015

It seems like Potts Point is the place to be for cool new restaurants and bars in Sydney, and we don’t mind this one bit. We say hello to The Powder Keg, Sydney’s newest small bar and restaurant. 

Tucked away from the craziness that is Kings Cross, The Powder Keg are creating handcrafted gin-based cocktails and serving up delicious 17th century inspired Dutch and English fare in a gorgeous converted terrace house.

Exploring the history of jenever, gin, and classic cocktails, world-renowned mixologist, Grant Collins (Zeta Bar in Sydney, Ku De Ta, and Potato Head in Bali) has partnered with James Young (Buzo, Wine Library) to devise one of the most fun and interesting cocktail lists we’ve seen in a while. 

We particularly loved The Gunpowder Plot (gunpowder tea-infused gin, fernet branca, gunpowder syrup, and a tea smoke), which was literally delivered to us in a puff of smoke that tasted expectedly and wonderfully smoky. Other cocktails in their little black book are taken from vintage cocktails from the 17th and 18th century and they’ll happily guide you through the menu to find something you’ll love.

And what’s a gin bar without a G&T? At The Powder Keg, they take the humble gin and tonic to a whole other level. With over 120 gins (the largest range in Sydney), three kinds of ice and five tonics to choose from, a whole new world of G&Ts is suddenly presented to us. For those feeling a little overwhelmed by choice, The Powder Keg have a house gin and tonic on tap. Yes, that’s right—ON TAP!

Onto food, and we are presented with an exciting menu curated by head chef, Elijah Holland. The dishes here are modern takes on the cuisine from 17th century taverns and gin palaces featuring a range of tasty treats like the quail scotch egg with smoked potatoes, crispy pancetta, and shimiji mushrooms, triple-cooked chips with some of the best gravy you’ll come across, and the short rib with butter-poached turnips and anchovies. All dishes are designed for sharing and go perfectly with the range of gins on offer. Our tip? Don’t leave without trying the negroni ice cream soldiers, which are little sandwiches filled with negroni ice cream and marshmallows. We’re kind of obsessed.

The Powder Keg also offers a late-night menu with a small range of bites to accompany a nightcap, which sure as hell beats the late-night kebab/pie/pizza slice (don’t lie, we’ve all been there). 

Needless to say, we’re all in on this new Sydney bar and you’ll probably find us down there sometime soon with a G&T in hand. Cheers!

Image credit: The Powder Keg

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