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Get Stuck Into The Future Of Sydney’s Nightlife At This One-Day Ideas-Athon

By Jessica Best
28th Oct 2019


If there’s been one hot topic on the lips of Sydney this year, it’s been all things to do with the state of our city’s late-night culture.

We’ve had a taste of progress with the era of lockout laws in Sydney on the way out, news that Sydney will host World Pride in 2023, and now, you can envision more change by joining forces with one of the biggest movers and shakers in global nightlife culture the world has ever seen: the Global Cities After Dark forum. 

Now in its third year, you can expect a dedicated effort through in-depth talks created in a bid to rebuild Sydney’s nightlife economy. Expect workshops and panels tackling one, five and 10-year plans for the city post-lockouts, as well as a new look in on our festivals, drug legislation and planning ideas for urban nightlife precincts.

The one-day event kicks off with a keynote from Charles Landry (the David Attenborough of advising on how to improve the future of cities) that’s dubbed “From a ‘No, because’ to a ‘Yes, if’ culture: How can our bureaucracies be more creative?”. Landry is locked to chat on how bureaucracies are beginning to transform, with bureaucrats across the world attempting to rethink possibilities for city planning. 

And, if you’ve been following the ebb and flow of Sydney’s lockout journey, just dropped on the Global Cities After Dark line-up is a “Post Lockout Plan for Sydney” group workshop. With strong indications that 2020 will herald a full repeal of the lockout laws, this group workshop focuses on how local businesses and communities can build and retain a diverse, safe, inclusive and thriving nightlife in Sydney. The workshop will focus on those three key timelines including one year, five years and 10 years post-lockouts.

Other standout workshops worth hitting include “Hypothetical: Drugs, Just Say Know”, “Balancing Risk & Pleasure” with Amsterdam’s Judith Noijen and “City planning for future nightlife precincts”. Scope the entire program right here.

You can jump here to buy your tickets.

The Details

What: Global Cities After Dark
When: Friday November 15
Where: Eternity Playhouse, Darlinghurst

There's also a sling of epic carpark you need to know about.

Image credit: Danny Howe

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