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Goon Schmoon | Cask Wines That Prove Goon’s Got Class

By Emily Hutchinson
25th Mar 2015

Did you know that cask wine was invented right here in Australia and that it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this year? Well, now you know! Riverland winemaker Tom Angove wanted to give drinkers an alternative to the bottle that was flexible, cheaper and kept the wine fresher for longer. And so boxed wine (or as we lovingly refer to it – goon) was born. 

This vessel has seen some pretty classless days. Hands up if you’ve been to a house party and played ‘Goon of Fortune’? If you’re anything like us, you have no problem buying a cheap bottle of red, but tend to turn your nose up at the thought of goon. But why should wine drinkers shy away from it? It keeps wine fresh for up to six weeks, it’s practical to transport, has more bang for the buck and is more environmentally friendly to dispose of than a bottle. 

Magnum Wines is a company specialising in cask wines. It packages some of the premium wine brands’ bottles into their 1.5L pack (that’s 2 bottles worth). 

“Increasingly, wine loving Aussies are choosing to enjoy their favourite drop at home, instead of heading to their favourite bar or pub,” Scott Bell of Magnum Wines explains. 

“Research also suggests Australians are becoming more discerning when it comes to selecting their wine of choice, choosing to drink better, and drink less…[a cask] allows wine drinkers to enjoy great quality wine a glass at a time.”

While the wine aficionados out there may be shaking their heads in disapproval, we’re here to share five cask wines that are bringing class back into drinking from the bag. No need to feel ashamed bringing one of these badass boxes to your next gathering!

Yalumba Wine

The white wine selection is a particularly good choice if you want to try a Borossa Valley cask wine. They are Australia’s oldest family owned winery, founded in 1849. They treat their cask wines with the same care as their bottled wine and their vintage labels make them that little bit more spesh. 

De Bortoli

Offering a cask option of their bottled wine for over 20 years, De Bortoli is a go-to choice for those wanting to immerse themselves back into the more sophisticated style of box-wine-drinking. Growing grapes in the Yarra Valley, the Hunter Valley and Bilbul, there is a nice little selection to choose from.

The Winesmiths

These are the newcomers to the scene specialising in boxed wine. Father and son Andrew and Sam Wigan have worked together in the Barossa Valley to bring wine drinkers a cool and classy way to drink cask wine. They pride themselves on producing environmentally friendly and vegan wines. 

Banrock Station

Another South Australian winemaker, Banrock Station is about giving value for money to their customers. Their range of cask wines in 2L boxes for $15.99 make them a popular choice. Drew Lambert from the Wine Writer suggests the Shiraz Cabernet as one worth trying when he reviewed cask wines late last year. 

Bud Naked

Have you sipped on a nice chilled class of sav blanc under the stars at the Moonlight Cinema? Chances are it was a glass of Bud Naked’s pouch wine as official partners of the annual Moonlight Cinema. You can choose from either a Marlborough sauvignon blanc or a McLaren Vale Shiraz tempranillo blend. The bag has the added benefit of chilling faster in the fridge and stays cooler for longer. Perfect for your next picnic!

Image credit: The Winesmiths

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