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You Can Now Trade In Your Pre-Loved IKEA Furniture For New IKEA Furniture

By Yvonne Lam - 21 Jun 2018


Ever moved into a new apartment, only to deck it out in all things IKEA, only to get seven months down the line and realise you hate all of it? Well, well, well. Us too. So listen up because IKEA has just announced a new take-back scheme at its Tempe store in Sydney, and what a time to be alive. 

If you no longer need that Billy bookcase sitting sadly in the corner, no worries. IKEA will take it back, and they’ll even give you a voucher for your troubles. 

In case you’re wondering (we know you are) the take-back scheme works a little something like this: 

1. Fill out a submission form, include five photos of your furniture, and send them to IKEA. 
2. Within 24 hours (fingers crossed) they’ll assess, approve and value your furniture. 
3. Deliver the furniture to IKEA. 
4. Get IKEA voucher. 
5. Buy Swedish meatballs. 

And ‘round and ‘round it goes. Less waste, more reusing, yay environment. Plus, your donated furniture will be sold as pre-loved goods for other keen waste warriors. 

The take-back service will get a trial run for six months. Fingers crossed, if the uptake is good, it’ll roll out to other IKEA stores across the country. Hooray for everything!

More info here.

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Image credit: via Unsplash

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