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The Illustrations of Paul White

By Jacqui Thompson
12th Nov 2013

Intricate, muted and delicate, artist Paul White's gentle renderings of Australian landscapes, and the transport we use to traverse them, turn the mechanical and baron into scenes of beauty.

Paul White's current exhibition 'Time Travel', held at MiCK gallery in Paddington until November 24, combines his previous interest in the abandoned and wrecked vehicles of our time, with human interaction and operational forms of transport.

Cars, bikes, horses and planes pepper these works, as well as empty spaces—those free of human interruption. Paul White references different time periods and calls on memories from his youth, as well as using imagery from old family albums.

Paul White was born in Sydney and obtained a BA from the University of Western Sydney and an MFA from the Californian Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles. Paul recently presented at the world-renowned creative conference Semi-Permanent in Melbourne, and earlier this year in Sydney. As part of Paul's impressive presentation he screened a film by Johnny Blank, which condensed 30 hours of drawing into just 2:23 minutes of captivating time lapse. Enjoy.

Paul White Time-lapse of a drawing from paul white on Vimeo.

44 Gurner Street, Paddington NSW 2021
Ph: 02 9332 2779
Opening: Paul White October 29 to November 24; Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 6pm; Sunday 1pm – 5pm

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