Prepare For A Brain Freeze, This Burger Joint Is Shaking Up Zooper Dooper Cocktails

By Ranyhyn Laine
18th Dec 2019

zooper dooper cocktails

Summer has well and truly kicked off, which means one thing: it’s hot. Like really really hot. And if we learnt anything in our school days, it’s that nothing cools you down like a Zooper Dooper. Except maybe the Zooper Dooper cocktails that the legends at Milky Lane are shaking up this month. 

That’s right, all this month you can chill out with the boozy icy pole treat you never knew you needed. The crew at Milky Lane have discovered that if you blend a neutral icy alcohol mix with an unfrozen Zooper Dooper in any flavour, it tastes just like an alcoholic Zooper Dooper. Honestly, where was mum with these boozy bad boys after a stinking hot day at school learning algebra and other useless life skills?

If you need another excuse to head in for a feed and a few rounds of drinks, they’re also blending up a fairy bread mini cob loaf mega shake. We’ll just let that one sink in for a moment. 

Both the epic creations are only around at Milky Lane for the month of December, so make sure you head in soon to get your hands on them. 

The Details

What: Boozy Zooper Dooper cocktails
When: Throughout December
Where: Milk Lane Bondi Beach, Coogee, Cronulla, Parramatta, Kings Cross, Crows Nest and Newcastle

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Image credit: Milky Lane

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