Read This Before Going Paleo

By Anna May
9th Feb 2015

Okay, so the Paleo way has had a lot of attention lately, perhaps thanks to one particular celebrity chef who is causing plenty of controversy on social media…

Whether you’re a fan of this lifestyle or not, there is simply no escaping the Paleo debate, so what better way to cut the crap than to speak to our mate Darren Shaw, owner of CrossFit Ignite gym in Waterloo? An early adopter of the lifestyle, Darren also runs Eating Paleo workshops in Sydney for those who are thinking about adopting the caveman lifestyle.

Here’s what Darren had to say about Paleo :

Paleo is NOT a Celebrity Diet

Sure, our gaunt-faced mate Pete Evans may have gone a little nuts promoting Paleo, but that doesn’t mean this is a celebrity endorsed diet. According to Darren, ‘Pete actually discovered the Paleo lifestyle after reading a book called The Primal Mind by Nora Gedgaudas and, when finished, he was immediately inspired and set out to spread the Paleo message’.

In Fact, It’s Not Even a Diet

The word diet has come to represent that thing that we do to lose the extra weight we put on over Christmas, or to drop a few kgs before a wedding, and then, when the weight comes off, we quit and go straight back to our previous lifestyle because it was just too hard. Darren tells us, ‘Paleo advocates say that following Paleo is actually a lifestyle choice for health, which will develop an amazing body in the process, which is why Pete Evans calls it the Paleo Way, not the Paleo diet’. 

How Do CrossFit and Paleo Relate?

Darren tells us, ‘CrossFit is an exercise regime focused on better performance, and a huge part of that equation is what we put in our mouths. Sounds clichéd, but nutrition is the foundation of who we are. Eating well equals lots of extra energy, happiness, and a body that performs well as well as looks great’.

Don’t Worry, You Can Still Have Carbs

When it comes to the Paleo lifestyle, don’t panic—Darren assured us, ‘Carbs are still on the menu, just not the artificial sugars that make you even more hungry, or the grains, cereals, bread, rice, and pasta that cause inflammation and lead to disease’. In fact, this is probably the biggest misconception about going Paleo: the grain debate. ‘You want to eat the right carbs’, Darren tells us, ‘Eat veggies and some fruit in the right amounts and at the right time in order to fuel your body and support optimal body composition’.

What’s For Breakfast? 

We’re all guilty of getting stuck into the breakfast rut of cereal, toast, or sometimes just a coffee on the run. When it comes to the morning meal, Darren tells us, ‘a little bit of preparation the night before or the morning of will produce amazing and tasty results’ 

Okay, So What Exactly Is Paleo again?

Quite simply, Darren tells us, ‘Paleo is moving towards a consumption of food that is minimally interfered with, or made in a factory. It’s the original human diet, eating in line with the diet that humans enjoyed prior to the agricultural revolution. It’s the equivalent of a lion eating a zebra or a whale eating krill. It’s what our bodies expect, it’s our natural diet, which means it’s moving away from grains and processed foods and back to a diet centred on fresh plants and healthy animals. Simple, really’.

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Image credit: The First Mess, Tanya Lee for CrossFit Ignite

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