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10 Unexpected Instagram Accounts To Follow For Renter-Friendly Interiors Inspo

By Phoebe Youl
15th Dec 2020

As both interiors lovers and renters, we’re constantly looking for inspiration and ideas for how we can update and decorate our homes in renter-friendly ways. 

While traditional design and home interiors accounts can be a source of endless inspiration (just check our Instagram saves for proof), the reality is, most of these accounts are targeted at those who own their homes, with investments not exactly practical for a temporary space, and the kind of decor updates that will have us waving goodbye to our bond. 

But, just because you’re renting, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to feel good and ultimately happy about the state of your space — regardless of how short-term it might be. So, where is a design hungry renter supposed to find some practical (and landlord-friendly) decor inspo? 

Below, we’ve teamed up with NRMA Insurance and rounded up a handful of unexpected Instagram accounts from renters who also happen to have a seriously good eye for design. While these might not be your traditional interiors accounts, sometimes the best and most practical inspiration can be found in how people actually style — and live — in their real rental digs.

Jadé Tuncdoruk, @jadetunchy

If you follow Jade Tuncdoruk, you’ll know that she's been openly sharing the process of styling her new rental home. If you love paired back, monochromatic interiors, her account is one to follow. 

Rowi Singh, @rowisingh

With snippets of her fun and vibrant home regularly making feature on her Instagram, Rowi Singh’s feed is one to watch if you prefer to accentuate your space with colourful and carefully sourced pieces. 

Lizzie Hadfield, @shotfromthestreet

Pairing classic pieces alongside vintage finds, Lizzie Handfield’s space is proof that even though you might not be living in your forever home, that shouldn’t stop you from investing in bigger pieces that you’ll love for years to come. 

Christelle Scifo, @christellescifo

With a knack for transforming various spaces with her floral creations, Fleurette founder, Christelle Scifo’s apartment regularly ends up in our saved folder thanks to paired-back but feminine style. 

Carmen Hamilton, @carmengracehamiliton

Taking inspiration from her wardrobe, if you follow Carmen Hamilton for her fashion, you’ll be sure to love her interiors too. Having just moved into a new space, her apartment strikes the perfect balance between refined and inviting. 

Lindsey Holland, @lindseyholland_

Lindsey Holland’s feed is a lesson in transforming the most simple of spaces, with only a few well placed (and carefully sourced) accessories. We’re personally obsessed with her eclectic, yet minimalist aesthetic. 

Jenny Welbourn, @wearilive


A post shared by Jenny (@wearilive)

Having lived in her fair share of rental properties, Jenny Welbourn has turned the art of transforming (a sometimes less than perfect) rental space into a place of her own. She’s just moved (again), so it’s the perfect time to follow her process of styling up her latest home. 

Lisa Danielle Smith, @lisa_danielle

If your focus is on creating a relaxed, calm, yet stylish space, Lisa Danielle’s feed which features many shots of her Byron Bay home is one to scroll. Prepare to be inspired by the earthy colour palette and clever use of textiles. 

Shakirra Rees, @shakirrarees

With an eye for styling up the smallest corners of her home, Shakirra’s account is the perfect place to go when you need inspiration on how to organise everyday objects in an effortless and visually pleasing way. 

Rachel Nguyen, @thatschic


A post shared by Rachel Nguyen (@thatschic)

With her eclectic style, ace vintage sourcing tips, and a focus on sustainability, Rachel Nguyen’s space proves you can still create a home that radiates individuality, personality and style, even when you’re renting. 

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