Saké To Me! Double Bay Welcomes Saké Restaurant And Bar

By Anna May
24th Mar 2015

There are approximately nine bazillion Asian-inspired eateries in this fair city of ours, but if you’re looking for the best Japanese food in Sydney, Saké is absolutely at the top of the list, which is why we were tickled to discover that its cosmopolitan sibling would be setting up camp in Double Bay. Having dined at its older and well-established sister restaurant in The Rocks, we were eager to check out what this new Sydney restaurant had to offer us. And that was a lot, we soon learnt. 

The new Saké can be found at the entrance to The InterContinental hotel in Double Bay, and brings plenty to the table (or sushi counter) in terms of ensuring you have a rip-roaring good time. No matter what kind of dining experience you’re looking for, the team at Saké Double Bay can sort you out. There are endless seating options, from long, communal tables to intimately dim seating for two. For a long lunch or early dinner, be sure to nab yourself a table at the front and bathe in the streaming sunlight.

For a more casual experience that offers some of the freshest and most delicious sushi and sashimi in our grand city, plonk yourself at the Saké sushi bar and watch the sushi masters at work. Order as you go, or give the chefs a budget and tell them to go crazy. If you’re after more regal affair, there is a selection of private dining rooms available for you to get intimate with up to 30 of your nearest and dearest. 

When you’ve sorted out where to park, get stuck into that menu, quick smart. Executive chef Min Kim brings his Michelin-Starred experience to this Sydney Japanese restaurant with the utmost precision. The menu is large, spanning from little bites of nigiri to large, decadent dishes like the glacier 51 marinated toothfish. We kept it simple at our visit, starting with the tuna ceviche: a fresh and tangy stack of delicious tuna with lemon dressing, tomato and crunchy fried onion. Talk about whetting our appetites! Next up, a nigiri selection landed in front of us, and it was the most impossibly delicious nigiri that has ever graced our stomachs, the delicate yet creamy scampi being a highlight.

Next up was a few selections from the robata grill, a new feature that burns special binchoban coal. The Master Kobe beef was hands down one of the best steaks we’ve ever tasted, and dipping it into the garlic confit soy sauce was one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Hungry for some dessert? Duh. Chocoholics would be nuttier than their favourite spread if they didn’t give the dragon egg surprise a go. We won’t spoil the fun for you, but it’s a chocolatey, nutty, nitrogeny delight that will have you raving about your Saké experience for months. 

Now, go wipe that drool off your keyboard and pick up your jaw – it’s time to book a table at Saké Double Bay!

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