Shaking Things Up With Sydney’s Best Milkshakes

By Lucy Cook
24th Feb 2015

Nothing makes you feel like a giggling kid running on a sugar high like a icy cold milkshake, all frothy and sweet. Sydney seems to be going through a milkshake phase, with retro, posh and crazy flavours popping up everywhere. From Sydney’s best cafes and restaurants, we’ve ingested our fair share of lactose to give you the crème de la crème of milkshakes in Sydney. 


In true bills style, the milkshakes at this infamous Sydney brunch destination are classic but a little bit fancy. The chocolate milkshake is fudgy, the caramel milkshake has a subtle burst of salt and the berry is made smooth with the addition of sweet vanilla. We’ll take one of each, thank you very much.

Daisy’s Milkbar

We don’t know if it was just our childhoods, but lime milkshakes may be the best drink in the world, and you can get them at Daisy’s Milkbar (yay!). Offering all the classic flavours from your formative years, you’ll have a hard time choosing from chocolate, vanilla malt, lime, strawberry, caramel and banana.


Potts Point
Marcelle is a café that nails the classics, and that reputation still stands for their milkshakes. Salted caramel, chocolate or vanilla? It’s a tough choice but they’re all winners, so we’re guessing you’ll be back to try them all.

Micky’s Café

Give yourself a delicious challenge to try all the thickshakes at Micky’s Café in Paddington (not in one sitting, mind you). The sugar-packed flavours are decadent and different, like pavlova with passionfruit and strawberry, blueberry, caramel & bacon jam and tiramisu. You can add Pop-rocks for $2 to ensure your sugar high will last all day long.

Dr Faustus

Surry Hills
The day has finally come - there is a Sydney café serving cereal-flavoured milk. All your cereal favourites like Coco Pops, Cheerios and Nutri-Grain are on offer to slurp away while you reminisce about the cartoons of your childhood. The cereal is infused in milk for a couple of hours before being strained and served, with each flavour coming in full cream, skim and soy milk.


Anywhere that offers an alcoholic addition to their milkshakes gets a massive tick in our book, so Cheekyburger in Paddington is already on our hitlist. Accompany your bourbon with vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, salted caramel or peanut butter and jam. Boozy, delicious, liquid desserts to wash down some cheeky burgers, don’t mind if we do!

Image: Nadia Lim

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