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Six Ways To Get What You Want From Your Hairdresser

By Anna May
16th Mar 2015

We’ve all been there, sitting in that revolving black chair in front of a mirror, smiling and nodding at our hair stylist while we internally plan to wear a hat for the next month. 

Sometimes, your hairdresser can get things wrong; that’s true. That being said, communication is key; so if you want to make sure those locks are always looking bang-on, there’s a method and it’s easier than you think. 

To get the scoop on this ever-frustrating occurrence, we turned to the professionals at Prema Hair. With salons in New York, Surry Hills and Bondi Junction, these guys are leaders in the latest trends from the runway and are hands down one of the best hair salons in Sydney, so naturally we wanted their opinion on the topic. We spoke to our good friend Anthony Robles, director and specialist stylist at Prema Hair, about how to communicate with your hairdresser, get what you really want out of your salon experience and walk out with a hairstyle you love. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Choose an experienced hairdresser

All hairdressers are professionals, but if you’re going in to see a junior stylist and are after something incredibly complicated, there’s a chance you won’t be getting a hairstyle that looks exactly like the magazine page you ripped out and brought in. Anthony told us, “Hairdressers are taught the basics in college, but tailoring to each individual is an art that only experience can teach. You need to know how to read the hair, as well as the personality behind it”. So choose someone with as much experience as possible if you’re doing something drastic.

2. Keep your expectations in check

Finding the perfect hair colour and style is a lengthy process, be prepared to try a few things before hitting the proverbial jackpot hair-wise. Anthony assures, “You never know until you try! Make sure you are getting the best advice about your skin tone, hair type and face shape to help create a perfect style for you.”

3. Speak up!

Love your hairdresser’s suggestion? Hate it? Just want to make a slight suggestion before letting them get stuck in? Let them know! Anthony assures us that you needn’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings: “We have thick skins and are obviously there to make you happy. If you’re not sure about our suggestion, it is our job to come up with a compromise that suits you and your hair type. So don’t stress!”

4. Have some idea of what you want

As tempting as it is to leave it all to the professionals, going in and asking your hair stylist to ‘go crazy’ isn’t the best option. By all means rely on their creativity and skill, but be sure to bring a selection of images, colours or inspo and have a discussion with them to reach the perfect result. “Hairdressers tend to be more visual in their approach to things, so use that to your advantage. Images will promote honest discussion and eventually we will find what is right for you”, Anthony promises.

5. Be realistic

Unfortunately, some people just aren’t suited to that perfect platinum blonde or vibrant red, but there’s no need to fret; there’s definitely a colour to suit you. Always the expert, Anthony tells us, “There are different shades of each colour, so don’t be disappointed if that platinum hue isn’t for you; perhaps pearl might be the blonde you’re looking for.”

6. Be brave!

Are you getting the same regrowth and trim every time you hit the hairdresser and still wondering why your hair has no wow factor? Take a risk and ask your stylist to help change up your look. Anthony suggests you “start by trying a new look for the year and then a new look for each new season. If you prefer to keep to your classic look, don’t worry, perhaps we can show you a different way of styling it. Just know that we are there to give you something that makes you look and feel better than when you walked in!”

Image credit: Lisa Brooke, Hair by Prema

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