Sydney’s Best Gluten Free Carbs

By Lucy Cook
25th Jan 2015

Just because you’re gluten free, doesn’t mean you don’t love the warm embrace of carbs and every delicious thing they have to offer. We’ve complied a list of Sydney’s best gluten free carbs because we know that being gluten free doesn’t mean clean eating…

Pizza Autentico

Surry Hills

The people at Pizza Autentico are good people. Mainly because they offer us unlimited pizza and pasta that makes our mouths drool and our belts tremble. But they are also good people because they allow our gluten free friends to choose their own pasta or pizza for eighteen gluten free dollars. Happy days!


Grandma's Little Bakery, Alexandria

It seems obvious, but a trip to Grandma’s really is, well, like a trip to your Grandma’s house. Serving up hearty, delicious food it's no wonder we'll pay them a visit time and time again. But as well as their delicious gluten-free meals, Grandma’s also offer a range of pantry products, including frozen meals, soups, sauces, jams and a selection of healthy cookies and cakes, many of which are of the gluten-less persuasion.


Sydney CBD

When you think of Italian food, you don’t normally think gluten free, but the folks at Vapiano are here to provide you with a gluten free carb fix. Most of their pastas can be made gluten free by switching pasta for gnocchi (which can be more delicious anyway) as well as trusty risottos sitting comfortably on the menu.

Beach Burrito


Whether you are on a gluten free diet or not, it’s hard to go past the nachos at Beach Burrito. The mountainous gluten free pile of corn chips is topped with blended cheese, chilli con carne, guacamole, sour cream and chilli salt. Or, if you like to play by your own rules, you could go for their ‘Nachos Especial’ where you can choose from pulled seasoned beef, chipotle chicken, pibil pork or chilli con carne to adorn your freshly cooked corn chips, before adding frijoles especial, blended cheese, smoky salsa, pico de gallo, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream or chilli salt. The more choice, the better in our books.



Sydney’s obsession with Mexican food is totally justified with restaurants like Mejico, which has recently opened in Miranda for all your guac related needs. The tacos on offer are fantastic and all can be made gluten free, so are you going to go for the grilled ocean trout or braised lamb? Trick question, obviously get both.

Moo Gourmet Burgers


It is known far and wide that burgers are delicious, and nobody should miss out on enjoying them, so the good people of Moo Gourmet Burgers put gluten free buns as an option and people who are gluten free rejoiced! Now all you need to worry about it what burger to get, the options are endless and the decision making process deliciously difficult.

Pizza Picasso


Gluten free pizza fans need to be introduced to Pizza Picasso, if they haven’t been already. With gluten free pizza bases under their list of delights, the only limit to how much pizza you can stuff in your mouth is your stomach. If you’re an inner-city dweller, you’re even luckier, because they deliver! Gluten free pizza is best enjoyed at home without pants, obviously.

Jamie’s Italian

Sydney CBD

Nothing quite says gluten free carbs as deliciously as risotto does, and the mushroom and smoked mozzarella risotto at Jamie’s Italian is next level greatness. That’s right, smoked mozzarella. The best thing to happen to a risotto since it’s inception. Get on it.

Image credit: Beach Burrito Co

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