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Sydney’s Best Hair Treatments

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
20th Feb 2015

Most of us have been there before. Sitting at the hairdressers with a stylist holding a lock of your hair in anguish bemoaning how damaged the ends are or how dry your hair is. Well, you can avoid such shame by treating yourself (and your head) to these top-notch hair treatments with some of Sydney’s best hairdressers. Not only will you be doing your hair a huge service, these treatments are wonderfully relaxing and leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Wink! Hair

Don’t let the name mislead you. This Macquarie Street salon has BOTH eyes on the prize… And an absolutely winning way with hair! As well as creative colour (balayage, dip dye ends and ombre) and an attitude to updos that continues to raise the bar, one of Wink’s! signatures is the Kerastase Ritual. Abiding by the “it’s what’s underneath that counts” ideology, the treatment tends to your tresses as well as your scalp. Our selection is the Indulgent Ritual featuring an intensifying masque and thermal reconditioning using the power of micromist. The result? Your hair is left feeling refreshed and regenerated – in the wink of an eye (or closer to 20 minutes if we’re being literal!).

Therapy Hair & Makeup

Potts Point
Got hair issues? Speak to your psych! Or swap the counsellors chair and seat yourself at this inner city salon for a little one-on-one with some of Sydney’s best hair stylists instead. And although it may break client to coiffure confidentiality, we can reveal the list of long-time loyalists include Vogue staffers, celebrities and fashion models. Make your D&Ms the Deep Massage kind by requesting one of their signature conditioning/reconstructing ampoules. Designed to restore the natural keratin of hair, the treatment can help with all kinds of problems pertaining to limp locks. You may need to save the ex-issues chat for another session.


Sans Souci
It may take a Rocky Road to reach this San Souci salon, but those who bob up at the beachside studio are in for a sweet treat when it comes to hair treatments. Their $299 Keratin Treatment (which includes a shampoo and condition on the house), is kryptonite for frizzy, fuzzy fly-aways. And unlike a real-life Rocky Road that may leave you marshmallow soft, the formaldehyde-free Keratin on offer here improves your hair from the inside out and features a blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and sericin, a protein produced by silk worms. The end result? Locks that are locked into a smoother, straighter shape, yet still magically manage to hold a curl from a curling iron.

Judena Taylor

Bondi Beach
This seaside salon has introduced a special version of Global Keratin which includes a product of proteins and peptides optimised specifically for hair. If you have your heart set on wild waves, you may have to resort to the ones crashing on the shore outside – this treatment improves the softness by delivering important conditioning and moisturising benefits as it penetrates throughout the hair and fills in the gaps in your cuticle when the hair is damaged. And the best bit – you only need to wait two hours to wet your hair instead of the traditional 2 days. So if you so wish to ride a real rip curl, you know where to head.

Esstudio Galleria

The team at Esstudio bring Copacabana to Queen Street offering the Brazilian CACAU Keratin treatment at their Chippendale Studio. Give your locks some Latin American loving with a treatment which reinforces the internal structure, improves the condition of the hair, smooths the cuticle, eliminates frizz, reduces styling time and gives instant results. Rio may have Christ the Redeemer but rough and ragged strands will find their own saviour with this straightening, strengthening, softening solution.


Charcoal in your hair? Before you get fired up and call us crazy, consider checking out the relaxing treatment at this North Sydney salon which uses super moisturising natural ingredients, such as charcoal extracts, and a specialised blend of amino acids to smooth hair. And despite what you may encounter when you try to sizzle a steak over open flames, this charcoal comes without fumes, irritation or discomfort. All you get is a smoking hot head of hair that’s 60% smoother. As a side note, they also offer Shiseido Crystallising straightening which a permanent service that gives you 100% straight effect – amazing!


Surry Hills
This Surry Hills salon offers Kerasilk – a smoothing service (the first of its kind) tailored to individual tresses and designed to soften and smooth the hair structure whilst also enhancing body and movement. This treatment is customisable to your hair type and results in long lasting treatment that will leave your hair literally as soft as silk for months and months. And with the ever-professional team at Prema doing the job, you know you’re in for a real treat.

Simon Bright Salon

Simon Says” $40 for his Goldwell Dual-senses treatment is money well spent. And the “Eleven 3 Minute” (a repair and rinse out treatment formulated to hydrate and repair dry, colour-damaged hair in under 180 seconds) is worth every second. We would have to agree with the work of a wiz who is the Former Australian and New Zealand Ambassador for JOICO. How could you not trust your tresses to a snipper who has been snapped for magazines including Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Cleo, and appeared on Sunrise, 60 Minutes and MTV? Exactly.

Image credit: Amazing World

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