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50 Awesome Outdoor Adventures To Have In Sydney

By Jessica Best
13th Dec 2017


Sydney is a city made for outdoor adventures. In fact, the only reason you should be indoors is to rest-up between one of these 50 awesome outdoor adventures. 

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and hold on to your stamina; we’ve put together an epic list full of zip lining, inflatable slides and stargazing. Look alive Sydney, here are 50 seriously awesome (and we mean serious) outdoor adventures you need to try at least once.

  1.  Road trip to any of these epic places. Or all of them. 
  2. Rollercoaster zip lines exist. Get on that.
  3. Visit the Figure 8 Pools at the Royal National Park.
  4. Finally climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Seriously, haven’t you said you’d get around to doing it since you were, like, eight years old?
  5. Be a real adult, go canyoning. Yep, this adventure wasn’t just reserved for year nine camp. 
  6. Kayak your way around Sydney. Before you ask, yes, there’s food involved. 
  7. Hit up one of Sydney’s picture perfect harbour beaches. Kidding, hit them all up.
  8. Do the scuba diving thing.
  9. It’s barefoot bowls time, people. 
  10. Whip out your GoPro, you’re going white water rafting.
  11. Go for a picnic at Milk Beach. And when you’ve done that, tick these ultimate picnic spots off your list.
  12. Seaplane to anywhere. C’mon guys, you’re on a seaplane, the destination doesn’t even matter.
  13. Work off all those freakshakes you downed (great idea at the time) and go for a seriously cool bush walk.
  14. Get to glamping and let the luxe tents and wine come to you.
  15. Try actual camping with your pupper. That means no wifi, doing your business in a bush and you’ll probably (most definitely) have to bring your own wine. 
  16. Prepare your Snapchat, you’re going to witness the sunrise in a hot air balloon. 
  17. Test yourself at Sky Peak with some serious sky challenges (think mid-air bridge walks, barrel runs, rope climbs, jumps, trapeze and an epic tree climb). You may or may not wet yourself.
  18. Go wakeboarding at Cables Water Park.
  19. Hit up the newly opened rooftop bar, totally dedicated to our one true love—rosé! 
  20. Hire a rowboat at the Audley Boatshed. You won’t be as sexy as Ryan Gosling but you can try.
  21. Try Sydney’s best rooftop bars. Going to one bar: average. Going to all of them: technically an outdoor adventure. You’re welcome.
  22. Get fit/stack-it while trying and go for a bike ride around Sydney.
  23. Jet around Sydney Harbour (probably the only chance you’ll get to be reckless and live to tell the tale).
  24. Rent a paddleboard from Rose Bay and head on over to Shark Island for a picnic. Here are our other fave places to SUP, while you're at it. 
  25. Take the plunge and free-fall over Wollongong at Sydney’s only beach skydive. We already know it’s on your bucket list of things to do (and if it’s not, it bloody well should be). 
  26. Take the whole adventure thing to new heights, with a seriously wicked helicopter ride!
  27. Grab a mate and drag them along to the best flower walks in Sydney. 
  28. For beaches and walks, get yo' butt to Sydney’s Northern Beaches
  29. Go chasing waterfalls.
  30. Make like a tourist and spend a day getting around on Sydney’s ferries.
  31. Hit up one of these epic winery stay cays.
  32. It’s never too late to be part of the Saddle Club so slap on your riding boots, stat. You’re going horse riding through the bush.
  33. Score 360-degree views of The Blue Mountains on the Scenic Skyway. And here are even more things to do in the Blue Mountains while you're there. 
  34. Jump on a segway and take yourself around the epic parklands of Newington Armory.
  35. Go for a roller blade escapade down at Barangaroo Reserve. 
  36. Take a sneaky trip to some of Sydney’s hidden beaches.
  37. Get your ass out of the gym and coastal walk the shiz out of Sydney.
  38. Hire a jet ski. And the best part? No reverse parking.
  39. Explore the seriously amazing Japanese Gardens in Sydney’s West.
  40. Two words: bubble soccer. And yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds.
  41. Wind it back to the good old Harry Potter Days on a vintage steam train.
  42. Swap indoor rock climbing for High ‘n Wild’s outdoor climbing with an awesome view. 
  43. Opt for a little bit of outback stargazing and drive on up to Warrumbungle National Park.
  44. Ditch the hotel scene and sleep in a cave.
  45. When you’ve crossed off the annual road trip, try a gourmet road trip (that’s a real thing). Here are a few to try.
  46. Hire a camper van, bring all the pillows, pack your laptop in the back and ta-da: you now have your own mobile cinema. 
  47. Make a mess and leave no survivors, isn’t it time you went paintballin’?
  48. Spend an entire day at Taronga Zoo. And then stay over for Roar ‘n Snore.
  49. Go snorkelling at Coogee or Clovelly Beach.
  50. Live through the thrill of a V8 supercar.

Hungry after all your adventures? Here are Sydney's best cafes.

Image Credit: Roxanne Desgagnés

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