Two Words: Bacon. Festival.

By Trey Ho
3rd Feb 2015

Brisbane's Best Cafes
Brisbane's Best Cafes

It’s that five-letter word that takes us to our happy place. The smell of it wafting through the air can stop us in our tracks, have us close our eyes, and, for a moment, float. We’re talking about bacon, of course, because when bacon sizzles, in many ways, so do we.

Cuckoo Callay in Newtown understands this provocation and that’s why they’ve teamed up with Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville to create a series of dishes to celebrate the gloriousness of bacon. To the delight of meat lovers across Sydney, to share their new bacon creations, Cuckoo Callay will be hosting a bacon festival starting 9 February that will last for twelve mouth-watering weeks.

We were lucky enough to preview the menu, which was equal parts creative bacon preparations and fun bacon puns. Check it out:

What a Croque of Bacon – Pillowy croquettes filled with vintage cheddar, basil, and bacon bits. Served with bourbon bacon, pea puree and two perfectly poached eggs.

Bacon Dawg – Maple-glazed bacon sausage, gruyere cheese, tomato relish and pickles topped with crackling for that irresistible crunch.

Bacon All The Rules – Maple bacon, bourbon bacon, bacon steak, bacon sausage and bacon-crumbed poached eggs on sourdough. That’s bacon five ways on one plate!

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart – Popcorn chicken burger with beer-candied bacon, tomato chutney, mustard aioli and ‘slaw on a brioche bun. Amazing from the first to the last bite!

Bacon, Get in Ma Belly – Bacon, caper, coriander and lime salad atop large chunks of sweet chilli pork belly.

Ya Bacon Me Crazy – Buttermilk waffles topped with maple bacon, maple syrup and chocolate coated bourbon bacon. Served with homemade bacon, caramel and cinnamon ice cream.

Drizzle Sticks – Crunchy bourbon bacon strips drizzled with chocolate.

Shake ‘n’ Bacon – Two words: bacon milkshake.

After it was all served and devoured, we learned that as great as bacon already is, it can indeed get better. The savory dishes, although bursting with bacon, tasted much lighter than expected, and the sweet dishes incorporated bacon in a well-balanced manner. Rather than slapping bacon onto everything and expecting people to like it, each dish was well thought out and refined in a way that would surprise and delight even the most discerning bacon buff.

To ensure yourself a slice of bacon heaven, we strongly suggest that you make a booking ASAP. Word on the street is that Cuckoo Callay’s calendar is filling up fast. #cuckooforbacon

Image credit: Susan Lee

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