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Sydney’s Top 6 Monthly Go-To Beauty Treatments

By Urban List Writers
20th Sep 2018

We live such a crazy, fast paced life that sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference, like a mani in your lunch break or a soothing shoulder rub. Now factor in all those monthly beauty treatments, and it's fair to say your bank balance is probably saying, 'nice try honey'. But as an added little convenience, we've become totally hooked on booking our beauty appointments through Beauro - it takes the hassle out of booking, it takes care of payment and it shows you a perfectly curated list of salons that fit what you're after on any budget.

Here are our top six picks for express pampering so you can hit all your favourite treatments once a month (at least...), without breaking the bank. Hot tip: search Beauro for a salon that’s close to you, there’s a stack of really top-ones all ready to make your life easier.

1. Stress-free Massage

When your day is less than ideal, you haven’t stood up all morning and the worries of work have your neck and shoulders tighter than a wound up elastic band, it’s 100% worth nipping out in your lunch break to get a massage. No. 13 Beauty Avenue will treat you to a 30-minute 'Essential' massage (read: you deserve it) for $65. You can eat lunch at your desk after all and booking via Beauro will save you even more time.

2. No Fuss Mani Pedi

If you ask those in the know, they’ll tell you that Bronzing on Macleay is the luxe home to a top-notch manicure. If you’re in need of the simplest of pick-me-ups, we recommend you grab an 'On-The-Go' mani, which will set you back just $20. What's that we hear - you want a pedi too? Treat yo'self to both for $45. We mean, does it have to be just monthly at that price? Amp up the ease element and book and pay with Beauro.

3. Brow evolution

Everyone knows that brows can completely change your face, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure they’re on point. If you only make time for one beauty appointment, this should be it. The best bit is it’s easy to squeeze into your lunch hour. Book with Beauro to save yourself any extra booking hassle and head to The Paddington Beauty Room for a full brow - game-changing! - makeover for just $70. 

4. Godess Tanning

What’s that saying again? You instantly lose three kilograms with a tan? Sounds easier than the gym to us! The sprays at Tan Temple Bondi are the perfect shade of sun-kissed (srsly, you'll leave a goddess) and will only take 15 minutes to apply. Pair the easy booking through Beauro with the fact you can wash off in two hours and let the colour develop without having to feel sticky and waddle around your home avoiding chairs - or is that just us?

5. Blow dry Goals

Why does our hair NEVER look as good as when we just leave the salon? Well tbh, it's fun getting a head massage and a blow out before, during or after work - better than the actual work part, huh? Of course, few do it as well as Hair Cartel - and for just $60! Yep, we'll be signing up to a fortnightly blow dry - Beauro, can you sort that? Pls, and thank you.

6. Personalised Facial

Even identical twins have different skin needs, so no two facials should ever be the same. We’ll let you in on a little secret: Joycelen Petroni offers personalised facials tailored to each and every customers' skin with specially curated products that stimulate collagen production and natural hydration. Not to mention, you'll also receive their signature 'Heart Chakra Massage' - and tbh, you had us a massage. Sign us up Beauro

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