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Beauty Trends We’re Obsessed With Right Now

By Rachel Stevenson
10th Mar 2015

With summer slowly fading away (sob!) and autumn hot on our heels, here at The Urban List, we’re gearing up to rock some awesome autumn beauty trends. So wave goodbye to your beach babe style and welcome with open arms the hottest looks for next season. Listers, here are the top five beauty trends we are completely and utterly obsessed with right now:

Ombré eyes

The smudgy look has been gracing our eyelids for what seems like forever, but this season they’ve undergone a makeover and the result is the ombré smokey eye. Perfect for your evening look, start with a pale eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes (we love a subtle silver as it makes eyes look bigger!) Using a brush, dust a darker shade over the outside of your eyes. Voilà!  Your go-to eye makeup look sorted.

Perfect plaits

Cornrow-style plaits were the hairstyle of the 90s, but they’re making a comeback and we couldn’t be happier! Plait all of your hair for a sleek up-do perfect for the office, or add a little edge to your look by opting for cornrows on one side à la Miss Delevingne. 

The no make up trend

No makeup?! No way! We hear you, but hear us out! This season Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway sans makeup, and they all looked fab. Of course, this trend is a little harder for us mere mortals to pull off but hey, an extra 15 minutes in bed in the morning is a trend we can all get on board with. Our tip? Cheat a little by using a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation teamed with lashings of brown mascara and lip balm.) We didn’t actually expect you to wear no makeup, just look like it!

Long wavy bobs

It seems like every year the bob returns with a different twist. This one is no exception, and this time it’s long, wavy and being sported by every celeb under the sun. We’re desperate to get the chop as this look is so casually stylish but without an army of hairdressers on hand to ensure that effortlessly tousled look each day (and to help us if we suddenly miss our long locks) we haven’t yet taken the plunge. Will you be brave enough?

Red lips

It’s no surprise that red lipstick makes our list of awesome beauty trends as a classic red lip is always in style. Often this look is a night-out must but we say don’t limit it to just evenings. Instead, wear with t-shirt dresses or ripped jeans to glam up a daytime outfit. As for the shade? Opt for a bold, vibrant hue to really stand out! 

Image credit: Ellie Saab, PopSugar, Marc Jacobs, Today, Indigo Memoirs

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