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The Men’s Guide To Great Hair

By Ellie Schneider
16th Dec 2014

Remember the worst haircut of your life, when you had to wear a beanie for a week, and it was the middle of summer? Was it yesterday? Well it’s about time you amped up your grooming routine and stepped into one of Sydney’s best hairdressers. And no, you don’t need to be an international male model to get runway-worthy hair (though we wouldn’t complain!).

To get you started we chatted to renowned hair stylist, Andrew Newport, from People Hairdressing to garner his top tips for men’s grooming. We suggest taking notes – you’re going to want to follow his lead.

It’s All In The Details

Men’s grooming has changed drastically over the past decade and, in fact, is one of the fastest growing industries. We’re seeing men coming in a lot more frequently and, trust us, they’ve become a lot fussier than the women! More men are straying from the traditional barbershop, looking for a more tailored and personalised experience. In our salon alone we’ve seen an incredible 30 per cent increase in men’s haircuts.

Get Inspired

Choosing the right hairstyle can be a bit of a challenge. It’s best to keep an eye out for hairstyles that catch your attention and flick through men’s fashion magazines to see the latest hair trends. This makes it a lot easier when talking with your stylist to describe the style you are after – you know, is it more Don Draper or One Direction? Our tip is to avoid longer hairstyles if you have fine hair or a receding hairline. The best way to know what will suit you is to book in a consultation with a hairstylist and discuss the different options.

The Rise Of The Bearded Man

The beard has become such a popular trend over the past few years. The bushy beard, in particular, has been the most popular and I still think that playing around with facial hair, that is well groomed or deliberately overgrown, can complement your haircut and style.

Tending To Your Tresses

Whether you have a sharp, polished style or a beachy textured mop, using a quality product is key in replicating your salon hairstyle at home. But put down the shampoo! Depending on the length, texture and lifestyle, men should generally only wash their hair every three to four days, but it is fine to wet your hair daily.

Top Hairstyles For 2015

Ultimately, your choice of crop depends on your sense of style and personality. Coming into 2015 we are seeing more soft side parts with soft polished texture, while also embracing the natural wave or curl. This will make styling a lot easier for the fellas.

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Image credit: People Hairdressing

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