The State Of Street Food In Sydney

By Marina Cilona
10th Apr 2015

It’s been a while since street food has reached its tipping point, but that hasn’t stopped a flurry of new operators opening up delicious hawker-style eateries all over Sydney.

We check out the Sydney's best restaurants for street food and see what’s happening with the old classics.

So, what’s new?

We love a new Sydney restaurant and a few have recently come onto the scene offering delicious street food. Bang has opened shop in the heart of Surry Hills serving up increasingly popular Bangladeshi street food like dal puri (dal encased in roti) and potato croquettes. We love the casual atmosphere and the range of traditional lassis served up with our Bengali cuisine. Another eatery to shine a spotlight on a relatively obscure cuisine is SUD in the inner west suburb of Cabarita, which serves up a carb heavy menu of Roman-style pizzas, hand cut pasta and lightly fried pockets of ham and mozzarella calzone. In Kingsgrove, Kefi Greek Tavern is churning out succulent souvlaki cooked over hot coals and wrapped in house made pita, feta-topped chips and lamb-stuffed gyro.

Dig into some of Sydney’s best Asian street food

Asian food in Sydney has always more or less been about hawker favourites like char kway teow and pork rolls, but now we’ve officially done away with any pretense of formality and thrown our full support behind kopitiams with sticky tables and hole in the wall noodle shops. Great Aunty Three calls on owner Michael Le’s rich family history to create fresh banh mi with a bit of a hipster twist (think caramelised pork belly and pumpkin seeds within). Mamak, everyone’s favourite destination for roti canai and ayam goreng, still boasts prolonged lines most nights of the week, while Chat Thai serves up the best mhu bing (grilled pork skewers) this side of Thailand. And finally, the food court at Chippendale’s glitzy new Central Park complex is almost entirely devoted to Asian street food. Standout stalls include Lang Suan, QSAN (for yakitori on the go) and the Taiwanese street snacks (read: fried chicken the size of your head) at Shihlin.

Keep on truckin’

Thanks to the City of Sydney’s very awesome 2012 food truck trial, Sydney now boasts a range of moveable menus that are so far from your local kebab-on-wheels that they give new meaning to sophisticated street food. Cantina Movil offers up Mexican munchies with sangria to match, while Sarazine La Creperie is all about giant sweet and savoury crepes akin to those available on almost every street corner in Paris. Overstuffed sandwiches can be had at New York Pastrami Deli and Street Sliders offers, well, just that. Check out for a full list of moveable menus.

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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