This New Middle Eastern Yum Cha Serves Up Tea Cocktails

By Jessica Best - 31 Jul 2018

Somebody hold us. It’s happening. It’s really, truly happening.

Let’s be honest. Yum Cha is the foundation of pretty much all amazing food comas ever so it should come as no shock that we’ve already popped on our loosest-fitting clothing ever and cancelled all other plans (naturally).

Apart from serving up the best damn burnt-butter hummus ever, the Lebanese institution known as Thievery is doing your hungry tums a solid and serving up one heck of a feast for the whole of September. Yes, the legends are extending their take on Middle Eastern yum cha for another whole month which means more baba ganoush dumplings, more spiced char sui lamb cutlets and a helluva lot more Chinese donuts with orange blossom.

A reminder that the menu will be packed with lamb kafta (can confirm you won’t want to share), all of the above — and to top it all off, tea cocktails will make a stellar appearance. Your boozy infusions will look something like hot buttered chai with rum and a Turkish sour cherry iced tea with rye. All we can really say is: bring it on. And not that you needed more reason to visit, they've also added a bottomless booze option for 90 minutes for all bookings on Fridays that are 6-6:30pm.

For more deets, head here.

The Details:

What: One month of Middle Eastern Yum Cha
When: Tuesday 7 August- Saturday 1 September, yum cha menu available from Tuesday to Saturday and on Saturdays for brunch.
Where: Thievery, Glebe

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