Where To Buy Succulents In Sydney

By Christa Cahill
11th Nov 2016

There’s no doubt the indoor-plant craze is upon us. Which is great for anyone (us) that isn't so good at the whole water daily thing. So, whether you’re crushing on cacti, or have an adoration for aloe, give your green thumb a rest because these botanic beauties are the ultimate natural decoration or gift idea.

As always, we’re bringing the succulents to you with the 6 best places you can buy these pretty plants in Sydney.

Sara’s Garden

Sara’s Garden knows exactly what we’re about and we’re listing pretty much all her lovely creations on our Christmas wish list. Think little green sprouts in glass jars, terrariums, driftwood and rustic combos and succulents in mini clay pots.

Lime Tree Bower

If you’re looking to overdose your urban space with a bit of floral magic, these fresh creations are for you. Boasting enchanting and minimal succulent designs you can pick up anything from a whole terrarium to mixed succulent cuttings and even mini decorations.

Newtown Garden Market

If you’re wanting to score a plethora of these green gems then look no further. The Newtown Garden Market is home to an array of lazy-care plants (emphasis on the lazy part) with small and large succulents and cacti on offer.

The Flower Room

The Flower Room has an awesome selection of succulent gift ideas… and we mean gift ideas for you #treatyourself. Grab anything from a glass sphere terrarium with spanish moss and decorative shells and pebbles nestled inside to more of a statement piece like the “lunchbox”, a succulent shrub encased in a wooden frame- easy to place on a table or hang on your wall!

Happy Place Terrariums

For some botanical styling awesomeness, you need to hit up Happy Place Terrariums. These ornamental designs are loaded with with cacti, succulents, airplants, chunks of feature sand, pebbles, sand and crystal add-ons.

Domus Botanica

Domus Botanica is turning over a new leaf with its urban jungle creations. Offering up a range of modern dry-climate plants, succulents are already potted up in stylish ceramics and good to go. You’ll also find some spiky desert sprouts and the stunning “string of pearls”, an overflowing succulent vine perfect to hang from your bookshelf.

There's a massive plant sale happening this weekend for anyone with a green thumb.

Image credit: Interiors Addict

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