14 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Craft Beer

By Daniel Colasimone
5th May 2015

Craft beer is really starting to take off in Australia. Finally. And you can’t call it a ‘trend’ because it’s a movement that is only going to go from strength to strength. Just as TV replaced radio and Dick Sargent replaced Dick York on Bewitched, high-quality Australian-made beers made by skilled brewers are taking over from mass-produced lagers that all taste fairly similar. And that is a very good thing for your average beer-drinking punter. In case you needed any further convincing, here are 14 reasons to drink Aussie craft beer.

  1. It bloody well tastes better. There’s one decent reason right there.
  2. Back in the day your dad probably drove some piece of crap Celica or Datsun, wore too much corduroy and had creepy facial hair. He no doubt drank VB or XXXX or similar too. Do you really want to be the same as your dad back in the day?
  3. That being said, now you can give your dad a craft beer and he will be highly impressed at your fine taste in beverages. He might even start to rethink the whole ‘you’re an embarrassing failure and I wish you were not my offspring’ thing.
  4. Craft beers are more often than not born of humble origins. You might not have been to the town of Yenda, in country New South Wales, but you can sample its produce in the comfort of your own home or at the pub down the road in the form of a zesty, crisp citrusy Yenda Pale Ale or the malty complexity of a Yenda Red.
  5. To further expand that idea, by drinking such a beer, you’re actually supporting rural Australia and the salt-of-the-earth farmers who produce the ingredients which go into it, as well as the brewers who make it. Good on YOU. Give yourself a pat on the back you little Aussie champion.
  6. Craft beer gives you a choice when you step up to the bar or stand in front of the fridge at the bottle-o. Not just a choice between slight variations of the basic, bland lager, as was the case a few years back, but a genuine range of tastes and styles to select from.
  7. There are also varieties to suit different moods and situations. Watching Family Feud with your mates? A few steak burgers and a nice hoppy IPA would go well with that. Playing squash with your uncle? What better way to cool down afterwards than with a smooth unfiltered lager and a gourmet pizza? There’s a craft beer for every occasion.
  8. After much research, selflessly using myself as a guinea pig in the name of science, I can reveal that craft beer, with its natural ingredients, is far less likely to give you a hangover than mass-produced beer (just don’t quote me).
  9. At craft beer pubs they often let you sample whatever is on tap first. Read: free beer.
  10. For craft beer newbies, there are a million options to choose. Don’t want to drink ‘My Wife’s Bitter’ like the other three people at the bar? Ask for a ‘Moon Dog Black Lung III’ instead. Craft beer doesn’t judge.
  11. Regular beer makes you pee too much.
  12. Craft beer is a much safer way to relax after a hard day’s work than playing Russian roulette with Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter.
  13. A craft beverage with a dash of Aussie history gives you something to talk about with your pals when the conversation dries up after five minutes. How very patriotic of you.
  14. It’s better than drinking water, which as W.C. Fields once famously pointed out, is where fish, erm, make love to each other.

Thirsty much? Some of our fave Brisbane bars stock Yenda craft beer. Get your mitts on a frosty here: 5 Boroughs, The Port Office, Regatta Hotel, The Flying Cock, Iceworks and Malt Dining. Want somewhere a little closer to home? You can search for Australian Beer Co's Yenda craft beer range by using the stockist finder (sweet!). Click here to search now.

Image credit: Australian Beer Co

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