25 Things You Need To Eat Before Winter Is Over

By Julia Mawande
7th Jul 2015

Gerard's Bar | Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

It’s time to stop pretending. Everybody knows you kissed that #cleaneatinglyf goodbye the minute winter kicked in, so you may as well finish it off with a bang.

Ladies and gents, ‘tis the season to fuel our bodies with nothing but warm liquid (preferably of the alcoholic variety) refined carbs, cheese, and meat (preferably all in one dish).

Because you’ll only be wearing that food-baby-disguising jumper for so long, here are our top 25 things you must eat before winter is over.  

1. Poutine at The Burrow

Oh God bless you Canada. The Burrow’s take on Montreal’s signature dish is peak comfort food. Beer battered chips, tossed in a blue cheese sauce finished with bacon and gravy. Skookum! (That’s Canadian for awesome!)

2. Wurst on a Plate German Sausage Hut

This well hidden gem is the perfect opportunity to pretend you are somewhere in Brisvaria (Brisbane and Bavaria, get it? Oh boy.). Scoff down a classic Cheese kransky with potato mash and sauerkraut in your lunch break. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility for any post-lunch desk naps.

3. Statler & Waldorf’s Beef Cheek Cheeseburger

Served on a chocolate brioche—that’s right, chocolate—this squeezy cheesy comes with a pickle and chips and is the kind of nosh you can only get away with when you’re wearing three layers. Thank you, Statler & Waldorf for bringing it into our lives.

4. New Farm Deli’s Classic Minestrone

Packed with in-season veges, this cracking soup from New Farm Deli helps ease off any bread binge regret. 

5. That Viet Place’s Beef Pho

Chances are if you are a pho phanatic you’ll probably indulge in pho year round, but there’s nothing quite as delicious as bathing your face in a good noodle soup on a chilly winter’s day.

6. Malt Pier’s Salted Caramel Brownie

A rich, moist chocolate brownie laced with salted caramel and pistachio brittle, it’s so good it’s named after the establishment and available at both Malt Pier's Newstead and CBD locations. 

7.  Jocelyn's Provisions’s Lamb Family Pie

Sometimes it’s nice to grab something on the way to feast at home with the heater on—this pie from Jocelyn's Provisions is a great winter warmer.

8. Banneton Bakery’s Brioche Loaf

You’ll want to keep this insanely good loaf from master bakers, Banneton, all to yourself (note: it makes a KILLER French toast the next morning!)

9.  Tartufo’s Contadina Porchetta

A little salt, a little sweet—give this traditional rolled roast pork with truffled polenta and hot mustard fruits, from acclaimed Italian restaurant, Tartufo, a shot. It’s bliss when your freezing.

10. Marinara Trattoria’s Seafood Risotto

Marinara’s house seafood risotto complete with prawns, scallops and baby clams in a rich tomato and cream sauce ticks all the comfort food boxes.

11. Moose & Gibson’s Blue Cheese Gnocchi

Pasta enthusiasts rejoice! Gnocchi in a light blue cheese sauce topped with prosciutto crumble from Woolloongabba’s Moose and Gibson. Yes.

12. 1889 Enoteca’s Parpadelle

A list of the best winter eats in Brisbane isn’t complete without mentioning this gem, with its soft parpadelle and rich braised beef and pork ragu from 1889 Enoteca.

13. Mons Ban Sabai Thai’s Banana Fritters

For those too broke to escape winter and head to Patong beach, Mons Ban Sabai Thai banana fritters are a cheaper (and far more delicious) alternative. Warm gooey fritters served with coconut ice cream—it’s basically a trip to Phuket minus the airfare, sunburn, and questionable tattoos.

14. Riverbar and Kitchen’s Croque Monsieur

For a French take on winter cravings try Riverbar and Kitchen's classic toasted cheese sandwhich.

15. Aquitaine Brasserie’s Marseille Bouillabaisse

Jam-packed with seafood, blissfully bathing in it’s own flavor-filled broth, this French classic from Aquitaine is real soul food. 

16. Bacchus’s Chef Selection Cheese Plate

Taste Bacchus's local and imported cheese while sipping hot cinnamon spice tea.

17. Chocolate Komberry Co.’s Deep Fried Golden Gaytime

Some say ice cream is just for summer days. To those people…. we challenge you with one of these bad boys from Chocolate Komberry Co. You’ll devour it….and your words.

18. Alfredo Pizzeria’s Banana and Nutella Pizza

Pizza for dessert? Oh, the controversy! Banana and Nutella is a no brainer joined together on a pizza base from Alfredo’s.

19. The Dark Chocolatier’s Dark Cacao Hot Chocolate

Clutch this hot, bittersweet beverage from the cocoa gods, The Dark Chocolatier while battling the cold CBD winds.

20. Bagel Boys’ Dad’s Army Bagel

A few doors down, grab yourself this Jalapeno schmear, pastrami and chilli relish filled bagel from The Bagel Boys. Perfect for a quick lunch with a bit of heat.

21. Jamies Espresso’s Grilled Pears

From one Jamie to another, start with juicy grilled pears on sourdough toast topped with goat’s cheese and finish with a perfect espresso courtesy of Brisbane’s coffee king, Jamie’s Espresso.

22. Jamie’s Italian’s Osso Buco

Pop into this lovely jubbly fellow’s for the Osso Buco style lamb. An Australian twist on the Italian classic, complete with oozy polenta, Jamie's does it well.

23.  Sono Portside’s Warm Sake

Wash down all the above with a warm sake by the river—Sono’s list is impressive to say the least.

24. Gerard’s Bar

Tucked up inside Gerard’s Bar, tucking into the heavenly bar menu is the stuff  winter food dreams are made of. Alongside the They do a wicked sobrassada dagwood dog, which is apt to eat around Ekka time.

25. Laneway Bar’s Tippler #3

At the end of a cold day, tea before bed is a sacred ritual. Try Laneway’s Tippler #3 before you tuck in for the night: Hendricks infused Black Rose Tea served in a vintage teacup and liquid nitrogen smog filled teapot.

Happy winter eating!

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