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6 Pieces of Furniture You Should Upgrade Now That You’re A Grown Up

By Desta Cullen
6th May 2015

In a very simplistic viewing of things, adult life could basically be described as a collection of firsts: first job, first car, first house—you get the idea.

It’s generally all fairly straightforward making the transition from hopeless youngin’ to bonafide grown up, but there are a few areas of development that can take more time—and professional help—to grow properly. 

Remember the heady days of youth when a simple milk crate doubled as a bookshelf, footrest, and coffee table? When any furniture sin could be covered with an old sheet, and a hand-me-down couch was a blessing from above?

Alas, those days are gone, and now that you’re a grown up your furniture and interior decorating game speaks volumes about you.   

The clever designers and decorators at Space Furniture know that decking out your pad for adult life ain’t easy (one of the many cons of old age is being stupidly time poor). So, they’ve done the hard work for you and come up with a suite of specially curated, complete packages so you can upgrade your space instantly, one adult-approved room at a time.

But, unlike other one-stop decoration shops we could mention, Space’s Kartell Complete sets are made up of unique, lust-list worthy designer pieces, so you can rest assured you’ll be upgrading in style.

And if you ever get stuck, Space’s great Shop Now portal gives you access to one of the in-store experts through the Speak to a Consultant function, so you’re never really alone! It’s like a tiny personal decorater who lives in your computer!

It’s time to bin those Backstreet Boys posters, and retire the trusty lava lamp, here are the 6 pieces you should upgrade now that you're a grown up.

Sorry, much-loved lava light, but your deep ‘90s vibes must go. This Complete Accessories pack includes a chic and modern lamp that says ‘I’m a responsible grown-up’ like no floating globs of colour ever could.

$1,195 inc. Bourgie lamp, Componibili storage unit, and Jelly Metallic vase

Don’t get me wrong, beanbags certainly have their place but unless you’re 12 years old, it’s not in your lounge room. You’ll be sitting smugly on this Foliage Armchair in the Kartell Complete Living set, which also includes an adult-essential floor length mirror.

$3,695 inc. Foliage armchair, Only Me large mirror, and Tip Top side table 

Function has always won out when it comes to pre-30 bathroom accessories but that doesn’t mean it can’t look pretty too. The Kartell Complete Bathroom pack is you ticket to an instant bathroom makeover, and the cabinet is just the right blend of form and function.

$1,295 inc. Max-Beam stool/table, Sound-Rack cabinet and All Saints Mirror

That less-than-chic set you picked up at Bunnings for $100 has served its time. Let people know you mean business when it comes to dining alfresco with Kartell Complete Outdoor setting, featuring the quirky but cool Bubble Club range. BYO Negroni.

$1,995 inc. Bubble Club armchair, Bubble Club side table, and Bubble Club sofa.

Sure, most nights you’ll probably eat dinner on the couch anyway (Netflix is calling, after all) but you can at least pretend you’re civilised with a great dining table. You’ll be the dinner party hostess with the mostest with these six Audrey dining chairs and one Zooom dining table by design master Piero Lissoni as part of the Complete Dining set.

$4,895 inc. Zooom standard table and 6 Audrey chairs

It’s called the living room for a reason, so if you plan on actually enjoying said living in style then it’s time to turf the ratty passed-through-the-family sofa. Kartell knows how to make a comfy one, so this Complete package is your jam and includes the Plastics Duo 3 Seat sofa, two Plastics Duo cushions and two Jolly side tables.

$4,995, Plastics Duo 3 Seat sofa, two Plastics Duo cushions and two Jolly side tables

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