7 Fun Exercise Trends You’ve Probably Never Tried

By Desta Cullen
13th May 2015

If you’re anything like us here in The Urban List office, exercise is a necessary evil. #TULburgerchallenge

We’re fickle beasts too, and running on a treadmill everyday is boresville, so we like to mix it up when it comes to our fitspo endeavours, which is why we appreciate a good fitness trend for its ability to rouse us out of our slubby hibernation with promise of a shiny new—and most importantly, fun—way of getting our butts moving.

Brisbane’s best gyms and exercise experts are also fans of keeping your workout it fresh, so we’ve round upput together this sweet list of fun exercise trends you’ve probably never tried.   

Latin Dance

You know those two left feet you think you have? Well, they are actually capable of much more than just clumsy shuffling around a d-floor. Rio Rhythmics has been uncovering the dancing skills of Brisbane folk for more than 20 years, with classes 7-days a week covering the full gamut of Latin dance styles. It’s not just about the steps though; the fully qualified Rio teachers take you through the cultural and social elements of this style of dance so you’ll get a great workout for both mind and body, while making new friends, too. The six week Latin Dance Starter (a new term kicks off on 18th May) is the perfect intro to this exercise trend, and thanks to Rio Rhythmics you can win a course for you and a friend to try right now.

SUP Yoga

If you’ve never tried stand up paddle boarding or yoga, why not really stretch yourself and try them both together, at the same time? Physically and mentally challenging, it’s a proper workout that will leave you feeling super accomplished (depending on how many times you fall off)! Try Seabreeze in Redcliffe or Bay Island SUP Co in Raby Bay for these fun classes. 

Lagree Fitness

Not for the faint hearted, Lagree is the hottest new American exercise trend to hit our shores, promising to help you burn 700 calories in just 45 minutes! Described by some as a more challenging version of Pilates, it’s a reformer Pilates-inspired strength, cardio and core training program with a focus on high-intensity, low impact exercises. We have it on good advice that Studio 45 in New Farm and Bulimba is da bizness when it comes to this new exercise style!  

Hot Pilates

Some like their Pilates hot, and we think this exercise trend is just the thing for staying toned and flexi through the winter months. Local yoga studio Harlow holds hour-long classes throughout the week, both morning and evening. 

Circus Classes

What’s not to love about tumbling, hanging upside down, skipping and hoola-hooping? Circus style workouts and circuit training is a great way to shake you out of your normal routine and get excited about getting fit. PSA: It’s a pretty serious session, and you’ll definitely feel the burn afterwards so don’t expect all sunshine and lollipops. Check out Circa’s Circa Fit early morning classes to build strength, core and flexibility.

Outdoor Group Training

Personal and group training is taking over our fair city’s public spaces; every night the fit-obsessed can be seen running, punching, squatting and kettle-belling their way through parks and outdoor areas. And why not? With so much sunshine and lovely weather, it beats being inside a gym. We’re loving The Fitness Philosophy for its personalised and targeted 45-minute sessions focussing on HIIT sessions and weighted movements for a naturally fit bod’.

Aerial Yoga

Upping the ante on your regular yoga class, aerial or anti-gravity yoga, is great if you’re keen to try something different. With less compression on your joints, aerial yoga takes borrows from dance, Pilates and calisthenics to create a flowing, acrobatic practice for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Head to Flight Skool in West End to try this one. 

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Image Credit: Trilogy Yoga

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