8 Of The Best Yoga Pants

By Sophia Fukunishi
11th Jun 2015

Gone are the days when exercise pant options included only black or navy tights. It’s not that they are the worst things the exercise world has seen (we’d like to give that award to g-string lycra leotards), but they are just a little bit boring if that’s all you have to choose from. 

Fortunately, there’s been a bit of a fashion renaissance when it comes to workout gear and we’re all about it. From pants that look like they’re from another galaxy, to a little bit of animal print (don’t pretend you don’t love it), with yoga pants as hot as these, you’ll want to head to class just to show them off.

#1 The disco pant

The disco glitter printed yoga legging from Dharma Bums is all kinds of amazing. We love the colours, the print, and the fact that your legs look like a party whenever you’re working out. They are a little on the long side, so for you short-legged girls, just hook them over your heels—it’s actually not a bad look. We suggest you pair them with a plain top so it’s not overkill.

Dharma Bums disco glitter printed yoga legging, $85, available online.

#2 Colour, colour, colour!

The kind of leggings we wish we owned right now, these Adidas Originals x Rita Ora dragon print tights are bright, original and just so cool it hurts. Team them with a simple white singlet top and some slides (if you really want to ride the sports luxe train) and you’ve got yourself an outfit that’s perfect for both the studio and just hanging out.

Adidas Originals x Rita Ora Dragon print legging, $60, available from Stylerunner.

#3 White out

We kinda feel like the Stella McCartney and Adidas partnership can do no wrong, and these right here are a prime example of that. Sure, white tights are a little bit of a risk of being not 100% flattering, but these bad boys are playful AND have a flat elastic waistband that tuck you in juuuust nicely. As an added bonus, they are 50+ UV protection, so you can do all the salutes to the sun outdoors you like, without actually getting burnt by the thing you’re saluting.

Adidas Stella Sport tights, $80, available online.

#4 Welcome to the jungle

We don't think we'll ever get over animal print everything. The Running Bare Vibes full length tights are borderline Kardashian but we’re totally okay with that. With a slightly higher waistband (no muffin tops here), we can see wearing these not only to exercise class, but also to brunch, aaaand if the boss isn’t in the office that day, to work too. 

Running Bare vibes full length tight, $109.99, available online.

#5 Colour blocking

Yoga tights are great, but so many don’t have pockets which make it just a little bit annoying when you want to go for a run and have nowhere to put your phone or your keys. Well, that’s not an issue with these Talbot Avenue Ranter leggings which come with three separate pockets. Also, shout outs to the colour blocked legs—they’re a bit out there but that’s why we love them.

Talbot Avenue Ranter leggings in Charcoal/Berry, $119.90, available online or in store (if you're in Melbourne)

#6 Monochrome dreams

We love how exercise pants suck everything in, and these ones from The Upside do just that, but look good doing it too. The monochrome print and the black paneling make for a flattering silhouette and we can see us wearing these to pick up a green smoothie after a post yoga sesh as well as wearing them on the couch watching old episodes of Friends (because yoga tights are super comfy).

The Upside digitally printed yoga pant, $149, available online.

#7 Hear me roar

Who doesn’t want cool looking leopards all over their pants? Seriously though, these yoga pants are damn cool and we love the flattering 7/8 length too. What also makes these Secret Yogi pants awesome is their anti camel toe gusset (shudder, we hate that word too but we hate camel toe even more) and their flat lock seams, which makes those yoga positions just that little bit more comfortable.

Secret Yogi Core 7/8 leggings in Wild Leopard, $119, available online.

#8 The big bang

These yoga pants are just. So. Cool. You know how in yoga how you can get a little bit spacey? Well, now your legs can too. These come a little lower at the waist, great for showing off your super hot exercise abs. For those without super hot exercise abs, they still look great and are easy to wear all day. Plus, these pants are guaranteed to get compliments (we know all about this, we own them).

Onzie capris in big bang, $56, available online.

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