A First Timer’s Guide To Sunnybank

By Rachel Lay
27th Aug 2016

best restaurants Sunnybank

Sunnybank is the jewel in Brisbane’s Asian-cuisine crown. It’s equal parts fascinating and overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and foodgasm producing. If you’re anything like us, you’ve let the fear of the unknown keep you away from Sunnybank for far too long. You don’t even know where to start, or, on the other hand, every time you go you panic and pick the first place you see. We’ve been there, we get it. That’s why we’ve put together this nifty little guide to Sunnybank first timers. Everything worth eating in Sunnybank, if you will.

We should be clear, the places in this list are the mainstays on the Sunnybank scene, and we whole heartedly encourage exploring and discovering more hidden gems—this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Plus, everything tastes better if you hunt it down yourself.

Ready, set, eat:

So, you’re in to savoury…

Ramen Champion

If ramen is what you’re after, Ramen Champion is the er, champion of noodles. With more variety than is probably good for you, a whole lot of toppings and noodle refills there’s really nothing more you could ever want. Oh, except gyoza, but they’ve got them too.


Landmark is kind of a big deal. It’s probably the best known Yum Cha joint in Brisbane because it’s just that good. The trolleys are packed full of all your yum cha faves: barbeque pork buns, chicken feet, hawking prawns, sui mai, egg tarts, you name it. There’s also fresh seafood you can see swimming in the tanks adorning the restaurant, because freshness. It gets busy early too, so get in quick.

Madtongsan IV

Bibimbap lovers take note, Madtonsan IV is where it’s at. Aside from a two-page menu dedicated to bibimbap, other Korean specialities also take pride of place here. Try the dok bokki (spicy rice cakes) if you’re after a spice hit or the sam gye tang (ginseng chicken soup) if you’re feeling down. The soon doo jji gae (spicy tofu soup) is also not to be missed.

Vietnam Corner

Vietnam Corner does a delicious blend of Vietnamese and Hong Kongese cooking. There’s all of the classic Vietnamese dishes you know and love (think vermicelli salad and hot pho) and Hong Kong faves like crispy skin roast duck with house-made hoi sin in pancakes. Their speciality is barbeque, so expect perfectly cooked, crispy everything.

Mappen Japanese Noodles

FYI, Japan does more noodles than just ramen. Mappen’s do a great Kake udon or soba, which is made with Kakedashi soup, the ontama soups come with a half boiled egg and are also great. There’s also the ever so epic curry udon which will leave you saying, ramen who?

Seoul Bistro

Seoul Bistro do KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) right. They do all you can eat KFC for $22 too, FYI, so you should probably get on that. Their Japanese inspired burgers “Japa-burgers” are also going to blow your mind. With a perfect blend of Korean classics, Japanese influence and the option to take away, we’re kind of obsessed with Seoul Bistro.

Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur

We hate to open with the big questions, but, could this be the home of Brisbane’s best pho? Signs are pointing to yes. If you want the best traditional Vietnamese food, then you should probably stop by Pho Hien. Whatever you do though, don’t forget to order the Three Colour Drink with red bean, mung bean and jelly.

Kyochon Chicken

Damn Korea, back at it again with the delicious fried chicken; this time, at Kyochon Chicken. We’ll be honest, there’s pretty much only chicken on the menu. And kimchi, but isn’t that all you really need? You can even order your chicken not just by the wing, but the whole chicken.

Suncrop Chinese Restaurant

Ask anyone what their fave spot in Sunnybank is and you’ll probably met with overwhelming responses of not just Suncrop, but specifically, the mud crab at Suncrop. The options are endless when it comes to how to eat this bad boy but if you ask us, the chilli option is the best. The fried quail is also worth writing home about.

Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

As the name suggests, Shabu Shabu Hot Pot do a pretty epic shabu shabu hot pot—go figure. The best part about this place though, is that you can pretty much customise your entire hot pot to be vegetarian, crazy spicy, packed full of meat or whatever your heart desires. They also do specials during the week that make dining with a group super easy.

When you’re craving something sweet…

Hot Cake House

Hot Cake House has pretty much constant lines for a reason. The cakes are made in front of you and the smell of dozens upon dozens of freshly baked cakes is intoxicating and therefore responsible for you purchasing hundreds of them (not in fact, your iron willpower). Their perfectly gooey centre will have you coming back for seconds though, guaranteed. The matcha and red bean is a failsafe option, but you can’t go past good old caramel.

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Desserts

Taiwanese desserts are a little different to their Western counterparts, but just as delicious. The tofu pudding with honey beans will straight up convert you to a lover of Eastern desserts, trust us. The taro balls are also seriously good.

Just Soy Café

Just Soy Café specialises in soy custard which means not only is everything totally delicious, even those unable to eat gluten can enjoy too. Try the tapioca one and you won’t look back.

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Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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