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The Art of Place | Two New Valley Exhibitions

By Nadia Buick
10th Jul 2013

Two exhibitions currently showing in Fortitude Valley explore the significance of place: Redsea Gallery's David Rankin and Artisan's Road Trip, a collaboration between Jill Kinnear and Ann-Maree Reaney.

David Rankin is an Australian artist who has been working for over thirty years. His paintings are abstract meditations on various cultures and combine European, Asian, and Australian approaches. He explores formal elements as a way to communicate history, ideas about the development of art through time, and a sense of place. 

Rankin's work is being shown at Redsea to coincide with the launch of a book about the artist, written by Dore Ashton, with an introduction by acclaimed and award-winning Australian writer Peter Carey. The selection of works on show feature pieces from the past twenty years, giving viewers an opportunity to get a retrospective look at the artist's practice over time.

Road Trip is a colourful exhibition featuring textiles, garments, and video works produced by a partnership between artists Ann-Maree Reaney and Jill Kinnear. Friends for many years separated by geography, the pair travelled together on a series of road trips across the USA, India, and Morocco. The subsequent works aim to capture the locations and memories associated with their travels, and the quintessential imagery of each distinctive place.

Three small collections of garments were consequently designed and produced from the video and still images the artists created while travelling, drawing on significant sites in each of the countries on the road trip. These elaborate and colourful garments largely rely on silhouettes from past eras, notably the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, along with hand-made techniques, thus providing a sense of nostalgia. However, this sense of the past is given a contemporary reappraisal through the use of digital printing technologies used to bold effect. 

While both exhibitions cover time and place, each presents a remarkably different approach. Conveniently, they're within walking distance of each other, so why not take both in at once?

Image Credit: Redsea Gallery

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