We Rank The Top 10 So Fresh Albums Of All Time

By Elizabeth Maidment
3rd May 2018


So Fresh is that sweet nostalgia of childhood. It’s your first kiss at the Grade 6 dance, putting on sparkly grape scented lip-gloss and messaging your friends on MSN and chewing strawberry Hubba Bubba. We have more So Fresh CD’s in Australia than there are users on Tinder. True story. 

If you weren’t in the loop, there's a So Fresh Party at the Gasometer Hotel this weekend. And just to make sure you’re totally prepared: we’re here to rank the Top Ten So Fresh albums, so you can brush up on your knowledge before the big day.

10. Hits of Summer 2015

Ah, summer. When school is done and dusted and you’re whipping out the frosty fruits and heading down to catch some waves in Torquay. You’re on the drive down the winding paths of Great Ocean Road with Katy Perry’s (pre-haircut days) jam “This Is How We Do” and Paloma Faiths “Ready For The Good Life”. We reckon that sounds pretty good to us, Paloma. Check it out here

9. Hits of Autumn 2011

The leaves are falling and so are the angsty teen songs in 2011. Ready for a pump up? Chuck on Far East Movement’s “Like A G6” (A guaranteed banger), We The Kings “Check Yes Juliet” (we hear ya, Romeo) or have a good cry to Jess Mauboy’s “What Happened To Us”. Hit us right in the feels, So Fresh. Check it out here

8. Hits of Winter 2002

It’s getting colder, but the sweet sweet melodies of Enrique Inglesias pump through the speakers as he sings “I can be your hero, baby” warms your heart. If that ain’t your style, Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” is sure to get you on the d-floor (or dancing in your car). Man, 2002 was full of bangers... Check it out here

7. Hits of Summer 2008

2008 was a good year. Cyprus + Malta adopted the euro, the summer Olympics rocked Beijing, NASA landed in the northern polar region of Mars and So Fresh released their Hits of Summer Album. Whilst the world is turning, jam out to Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” and Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab”—we know you want to. Check it out here

6. Hits of Spring 2005

All hail 2005. It's the year that Backstreet Boys, Gwen Stefani, Akon + 2Pac made it onto the So Fresh Albums. The mid-noughties was truly a simpler time. Let’s just say, our lives would be “Incomplete” without “Hollaback Girl” in our lives. Check it out here

5. Hits of Summer 2010

Meet us halfway. At least that was what the Black Eyed Peas were singing in 2010. Kate Miller-Heidke made us all cry with “Caught in the Crowd” whilst Ke$ha let us let loose with “TiK ToK”. Yep, those were the days. Coming in at a very respectable #5. Check it out here

4. Hits of Summer 2013

Whatever happened to Train? Doesn’t matter when you can re-live their music through the Hits of Summer 2013. “Driveby” anyone? How about Timomatic? Haven’t heard of him in a while. You’re in luck—you can still listen to his jamming tunes which are “Incredible” (no pun intended). Really, “Anything Could Happen” whilst listening to this album (thanks, Ellie Goulding). Check it out here

3. So Fresh No 1 Hits

Okay, Okay. We know the compilation album doesn’t exactly count, but we’re including it anyways. Who doesn’t love the punk rock tunes of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend (an anthem for all teen girls out there) and Usher’s “Burn” i.e.: the perfect recipe for a slow dance song IMHO. Even better? This is a double CD. Double the freshness. Check it out here

2. Hits of Autumn 2009

A throwback to when T-Swizzle wasn’t singing about ex-boyfies and slaying the pop music scene—the humble, country style “Love Story” tops the charts in 2009. So, naturally, it features on the Autumn hits from So Fresh amongst some other bangers (You Found Me by The Fray, anyone?). Some things really are happily ever after. Check it out here

1. Best of 2007

Congrats, 2007—you take the cake. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S. That’s how we feel when we’re listening to the Best of 2007 So Fresh Album. With a funky fresh (excuse the pun) line-up of JT’s “What Goes Around… Comes Around”, Britney Spears “Gimme More” and some sober tunes “All Good Things (Come To An End)”, all things do really come to an end, apart from So Fresh, duh. Check it out here

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