Best Winter Warmer Breakfasts in Brisbane

By Ellie Grounds
25th Jun 2015

A wise man once said to me, “Sometimes breakfast is the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning”. In the winter months, when the piercing sound of an alarm wakes me up to a morning still as dark as the night I feel like I only just left behind, breakfast is ALWAYS the only thing getting me out of bed in the morning. If you too can only be dragged away from the safe confines of flannelette sheets and fluffy pillows by a steaming bowl of hot porridge, we’ve got you covered. Behold: the best winter warmer breakfasts in Brisbane.     



If you have to be forced out of bed on a chilly winter's morning and out of your humble abode, it may as well be to another one, right? This Taringa café is a favourite among locals, and when you take a squiz at Abodes menu you can see why. The smokin’ savoury mince on toast is sure to warm your insides—think slow-cooked, spiced beef and pork mince topped with fresh corn, homemade chilli jam and sweet (like, actually sweet) bacon bits.

Little Loco

New Farm

New Farm newbie Little Loco has choice aplenty when it comes to wholesome winter warming breakfasts. A crowd favourite, their quinoa and brown rice porridge with chia seeds, pomegranate, macadamia crumble, almond milk and poached rhubarb is a treat for the eyes and the stomach. If you want to step it up from warm to hot, hot, hot then opt for the deliciously naughty/naughtily delicious banoffee hotcakes.

Crosstown Eating House


While we’re on the subject of hotcakes, let’s take a look at their fancier cousin, French toast. I don’t care how cold and/or hungover you find yourself on a Sunday morning, brunch at Crosstown is only offered once a week, so pull yourself together, get on over there and nab yourself some of the best French toast in town. Can’t choose between lime syrup, coconut sorbet and pistachio crumble or double-smoked bacon, maple syrup and cream? Why don’t we have both?!

Kiss the Berry 

South Bank and CBD  

Nothing screams winter like a serving of piping hot apple crumble, but it doesn’t have to be confined just to dessert! The acai-loving babes over at Kiss the Berry have reworked their apple crumble bowl specifically for their winter menu, and made it warm! This delicious acai blend topped with handmade granola, coyo, coconut flakes and stewed apple LEGIT tastes like apple crumble (but healthy). Go get it.     


Online, Everywhere

Let’s not beat around the bush. If you don’t want to get out of bed, you’re hardly going to want to cook yourself breakfast. That involves way too much admin—putting on ugg boots, finding ingredients, trying not to set the house on fire in your tired, freezing stupor. Luckily, Youfoodz brings the breakfast straight to your door! Their blueberry baked pancakes and honey ricotta are sure to have you bouncing out of bed in no time.



Winter is a strange time. The trees lose their leaves, ugg boots somehow find their way out into the public sphere, and Brisbane temperatures actually sometimes drops below 20 degrees. But strangest of all? Legends like the team over at Anouk decide that curry-inspired dishes are fair game for morning fare. Hooray! Tuck in to their harissa–spiced mince with mango chutney, raita, naan and panch phoran Bengali spices to warm up in a jiffy.

Locavore Café 


You’ll be forgiven for going loco over the pancakes at Locavore Café. These bad boys aren’t your ordinary pancakes – they’re GINGERBREAD. Topped with fresh local figs, double cream and Brisbane’s own Bee One Third honey, this brekky dish is sure to keep you drooling for the rest of the day.

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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