12 Of The Toughest Workouts In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
29th Sep 2019

Brisbane's Best Workouts

We might advocate the eating of many, many burgers, and probably far too much dessert, but as firm believers in the old ‘detox, retox, repeat’ mantra, we also recommend you follow up all the binging with regular bouts of Brisbane's best workouts. 

Luckily, there’s plenty of places in Brisbane where you can push your body to the limit, sweat it out to the max and hit the gym instead of the pub at lunch (occasionally).

Now, if you’re looking for a workout that masquerades as fun, a beautiful yoga studio or somewhere to just take a pulse-increasing hike, we’ve got that too, but if it’s a good legs-shaking-too-much-to-walk-afterwards sweat session you want, then this one’s for you.

Facilities Fitness


Combing functional fitness, strength, mobility and performance with a fresh, fun and approachable atmosphere, Facilities is a gym with a difference—not to mention trainers who will notice when you miss a session and hound you accordingly. Despite the beautiful bodies you’ll see through their floor to ceiling windows, everyone is here to get sweaty and have a good time doing it, with a range of classes like HIIT, boxing and conditioning.



Jumping on a stationary bike and spinning your feet for 45 minutes these classes are not—at InspireCycle you’ll be up and down, fast and slow, flat and hilly (“Turn that resistance UP!”—InspireCycle instructor, 5.17am on a Tuesday), throwing in an arm workout and even occasionally getting off the bike, all while a very energetic instructor yells inspiration at you from the front of the room. Yes, you will need to be somewhat coordinated. No, you won’t fall off the bike. Probably. No promises.



For anyone who really needs someone fit telling them what to do, but struggles far too much with time management to be able to commit to a class timetable, 12RND schedule-free workouts are for you. Rock up at any time and you can jump straight in to their 12 rounds of boxing, weight lifting and cardio exercises, with each round timed via beeper to last 3 minutes. A trainer is always on hand to demonstrate each exercise—and also give you a swift finger wag when you attempt to do the ‘easy’ version (eyes in back of their heads, we swear). Warning, there will be burpees involved. Lots of burpees.

Park Run


Some people say it’s more motivating to run with other people. Some say running for the bus does not count as exercise. We’d have to disagree with the second group, but for the actual runners out there, there’s nothing like a bit of competition to help you achieve that next PB. Park Run hosts weekly 5km runs at parks and pathways all across Brisbane, and best of all, it’s completely free. You’ll finish with an official time, some very high resolution digital snaps of you looking red faced and sweaty, and a well-deserved feeling of having earned that burger you’re going to eat for dinner.



Heard of calisthenics? If not, it’s essentially exercise that mostly uses your own body weight rather than weight to build muscle—you’ll lift, push, pull, swing and jump your way to good health. One of the very first calisthenics gyms in Australia, Cali-Fit might look intimidating with its warehouse full of ropes, frames, racks, bars and rings, but a few weeks of workouts here (it’s not going to happen overnight people, let’s be real) and you’ll discover the beast mode within.



We’ve been warned that a workout at Nuckle will make you feel like you’ve never worked out before in your life, but in a good way. Brand new to Newstead, the classes here are fast, furious and addictive—if you survive the first one. Unleash your inner athlete (you’ve got one, we promise) and tackle an Unleash’d class, which combines cardio, weights and contemporary interval training in a HIIT style format. For any ladies who like to punch things, Nuckle also do an epic Shebox class for women only that will build butts, tone triceps and crush calories.


Kangaroo Point

Named for the health status we all want to achieve (not slightly fit or kinda fit, but FITAZFK), FitazFK is all about functional movement that gets you ripped without spending hours in the gym. While they have a number of HIIT, Boxing and strength workouts, some of which are only 28 minutes long (so no excuses about not having the time), it’s their explosive kickboxing class we’ve been converted by. Learn the right techniques for punching and kicking, using knees, elbows and everything in between, while giving your body an extreme cardio hit. Better than therapy.

Total Fusion Platinum


Total Fusion is more than a gym, it’s a cult—a cult that has kombucha on tap, club level lighting and aromatic air purifiers.  And the top level of this wellness cult? The Total Fusion Run Club. Using a combination of treadmill and floor exercises, you’ll get a full body workout that improves endurance, strength and agility. For those not quite ready to go all the way, entry level membership will still get you access to some heart-pumping workouts and yoga sessions.

CrossFit At Function Well


Function Well’s CrossFit division are dedicated to ‘forging elite fitness’—and judging by the extremely fit looking people who wander in and out of their gym, they’re very much succeeding. Using a combination of weight lifting, strength training, interval training, endurance and agility, the workouts in these group classes will turn you into a beast in no time, but don’t worry, they’ll start you off easy.

Xtend Barre

Stones Corner and St Lucia 

If you think ballet is easy, you were obviously never forced to hold your arms in second position for 10 minutes at a time as a child. But enough about our childhood pain—Xtend Barre is here for the adult wannabe ballerinas out there. An intense full body workout with all the elegance of ballet, you’ll sculpt, chisel and lengthen muscles while twisting yourself into shapes you never knew you could achieve.


Teneriffe And 17 Mile Rocks

Nothing makes you feel quite as good as a big ol’ session of punching stuff. But what about punching stuff AND a bit of cardio? Now that’s a recipe for a good time. The team at Boxr has crafted a pretty sweet timetable of boxing classes designed to get your heart rate up, improve your fitness and get you toned. Plus, it doubles as therapy, so you’ll be fit AND less prone to throwing things at people.

Crossfit Kova


Monkey bars, logs and gymnastic rings? No, this isn’t a kids playground, it’s one just for adults, though it still comes with softfall in case you take tumble. And after a lengthy session at Crossfit Kova you might just be feeling less than stable on your feet, so that’s probably a good thing. With a timetable of morning and afternoon classes, you won’t have any trouble fitting one in, so all that’s left to do is dig out your gym shoes.

The Body Refinery

New Farm

Forget your regular old pilates, because reformer is taking over and The Body Refinery is the place to do it. The workout may take place on a machine that looks like a bed, but this will feel like anything but rest. Reformer uses weighted springs and a moving platform to add some killer resistance to your pilates routine—targeting those oh-so-hard to tone abs.

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Image credit: John Arano

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