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The CBD Has Landed A Mind-Blowing Pop-Up Art Installation!

By Alex Topakas
9th Oct 2017


Brisbane is full of some incredible art: in our world-famous galleries, showcased throughout the city and on walls, even hidden dowon alleyways. Art in general can be pretty out there sometimes, totally subjective and up for individual interpretation, but nothing could more out there (and obvious) than an enormous blue cube popping up in Brisbane's Queen Street Mall this month. Mysterious, eh? Let us tell you more.

The Size of Air is an incredible (and hu-uge) three-day art installation by Kinly Grey, superimposing images of Brisbane’s striking blue skies on the cube-like canvas, allowing participants to walk into a literal dreamland of the river city’s sky. 

From the outside, the structure looks like a large, glowing blue box. Pretty simple, right? But step inside this big blue mass, the installation invites a slower, stiller approach to the hustle and bustle of the CBD, giving you the ability to experience what it's like up in the clouds. Beats the grind of the 9 to 5, right?

Long gone is the hackneyed excitement of 3D glasses. To indulge in proper out-of-body experience, The Size of Air installation is your psychadelic gateway to the surreal!

The Details

When: Wednesday 25th–27th October
Where: Queen Street Mall
For more details, click here.

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