Brisbane’s Best Milkshakes of 2015

By Laura Walkley
22nd Jun 2015

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie | Southside Tea Room 

If you can hear a blender from a mile away, and have once tried to mix Ice Magic in a glass of milk (whoops), it is likely you are the basic prototype of human known as a ‘Milkshake Enthusiast’. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking you are a rare or endangered type. No, you are almost as common as the fanatic ‘Donut Connoisseur’ which is particularly prominent in Brisbane at the current moment. 

To test your true commitment to the title it is important that you try as many of the following Brisbane milkshakes as physically possible. Maybe not all on the same day though.   

South Side Tea Room


The thick Nutella shake is a compulsory order when frequenting the ultra hip, South Side Tea Room in Morningside. Topped with 100’s and 1000’s the milkshake will make you sweetly nostalgic for last week, when you were also here, drinking the Nutella shake.

Ben’s Burgers

Fortitude Valley

This little beauty of a burger joint has nick-named their staff members according to their milkshake expertise. The Milk Whisperer and the Sultan of Shake are just a few of the friendly faces at Ben’s Burgers who are passionate about whipping you up a particularly creamy Salted Caramel shake to wash down your burger. 

NKB Express


Americans invented milkshakes* so it makes sense that retro American diner and takeaway, NKB Express, would do them well. With flavours like Hershey's Chocolate and Oreo, this little shake shack has the milkshake game nailed.

Dello Mano

New Farm

The New Farm corner cafe hailed for its other-worldly brownies has proven its worth in the milkshake department. Dello Mano’s particularly frothy concoctions will go down a treat with the cute cafe’s range of treats or with a savoury breakfast of champions. 

Doughnut Time + Alfred & Constance

Fortitude Valley

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can enjoy a doughnut along with your Strawberry Doughnut- or Reese’s Pieces-flavoured shake because, I’m sorry, but there just won’t be room. Doughnut Time does not scrounge on toppings. Fairy floss, peanuts, chocolate pieces, ice-cream, peanut-butter and a multitude of sauces balance precariously atop these precocious beverages. They must be seen to be believed.


New Farm

If you were ever that kid around the campfire that insisted they turn their marshmallow into a ball of flames because “you like that burnt taste” then hurry along to Pablo in New Farm. Their milkshake menu has an impressively original ‘burnt marshmallow’ flavoured creation, which is as sensational as it sounds. The Oreo flavour is also wildly wonderful. 

Chur Burger

Fortitude Valley

Fancy a Milo with a side of milk? Then Chur Burger is your one stop shop for a giant milkshake blended with Australia’s best-ever culinary invention. And doesn’t Milo have some kind of health benefit?

South Side Diner

South Bank

South Side Diner gets you, and that’s why they’ve added alcoholic shots to their milkshake menu. The usual suspects (chocolate, vanilla, caramel) are at the ready, along with the already spiced up peanut butter or snickers milkshakes, that can be made even naughtier with a shot of Kalhua, Baileys, or Vanilla Vodka. Let the fun begin. 

Flute Fine Food


Ice-cream or milkshake? You decide. Flute Fine Food at Coorparoo serves their vast range of thick shakes in pots, with a straw and a spoon. An expert tip: you’ll need that spoon to attack your malted roast coconut and white chocolate thick shake at a great speed—the straw will only hold you back. The chai, peanut butter and chocolate brownie thick shakes are also to die for. 

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