Brisbane’s Best Raw Cafes #cleaneating

By AJ James
24th Jan 2015

If you’ve had an indulgent Summer break and embarked on a cleaner way of eating in an effort to a) get back into the clothes you wore pre-silly season and/or b) regain some of your dignity, then chances are you’re feeling apprehensive at the prospect of going out to eat with friends/family. 

It's somewhat understandable. Because, be your new found endeavours a day or a month old, you don’t want them to fall off the bandwagon, side tracked by a good steak sandwich and serving of fries. And equally, you don’t want to be a pain about where you go, anticipating what you’ll actually be able to eat when there. 

And if there’s one pet hate amongst those who enjoy dining out, it’s doing so with a friend who has adopted odd and fussy eating habits and subsequently is as picky about what’s on their plate as a toddler who’s being introduced green vegetables.

But like all your Brisbane based conundrums, we have the answer. It lies in making your destination a raw food cafe where the food will appeal both to you, and your eating partner(s).  For give us any dietary guideline you’re following, and we guarantee you can eat anything off a raw food café menu. Mainly because the mantra of their food is so pure—think green, nutrient dense, meat and dairy free.

These are the top four raw food(ish) cafes we’re loving right now in Brisbane.


Press’d is a great new raw food spot in Brisbane to head to for their menu ranges from the light to the substantial (and they’ve just moved to a beaut’ new store just down the road from their original venue). They do something interesting things here too—think rainbow rolls of vegetables wrapped up with dehydrated coconut. Or, a piece of dehydrated pawpaw that oddly resembles salmon, and tastes, quite frankly, amazing. So funky. So fresh.

Raw Juicery

From the city to Chermside, the Raw Juicery guys are everywhere. The salads are super (opt for the crunchy Asian style one if available), the smoothies slick, and the staff always friendly.

Raw PawPaw

Ok this is the above mentioned (ish). Raw PawPaw do have cooked options on the menu but these are still super.  For clean eats we like the DIY tacos (hold the cheese if you will), and love the zucchini pasta with activated cashew nut pesto. In terms of drinks, their smoothies are SICK. Plus they’re vegan—so sip, sip away.

Liquiefy Juice Co.

We’ve become fast fans of this start up, and of their little nook in Paddington. Grab one of Liquefy's famous juices from the counter, a super salad from the cabinet or read the wall that’s thick with options. The granola they make is wicked. And so too the peanut butter smoothie. 

Image credit: Tash Sorensen

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