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Brisbane’s Best Winter-Warmer Cocktails

By Ashton Rigg - 17 Jun 2015

The Gresham

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The Laneway

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Dutch Courage Officers’ Mess

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Up on Constance

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Hoo Ha Bar

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Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar

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Bitter Suite

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Laneway Bar | Image credit: Esteban Rivera

There’s something unsettling about drinking eggnog on a 35-degree day. We’ll take our mulled wine and hot toddies in July, thanks.

All around town, cocktails with fruity elixirs and paper brollies have given way to buttery rum and cinnamon sticks, all with the intention of getting you nice and toasted. I mean, toasty. Yes… toasty.

Hot bevvies are the perfect remedy for shaking off those winter chills. Once you’re snug as a bug in Brisbane’s cosiest bars, warm your winter evenings by ordering one of these cold-weather cocktails.

The Gresham’s Sunny Disposition

The Gresham has ambience coming out the wazoo. These days they keep the whisky (and whiskey) flowing until 3am, by which time your cockles should be sufficiently warmed.

There’s no tipple like a Sunny Disposition to stave off hibernation. It’s made on whisky with lashings of citrus, ginger, bitters and a hit of Echinacea (it’s practically a multivitamin), and is served warm.

The Laneway Bar’s Penicillin

Folded away neatly above The Euro and Urbane, The Laneway is one of the swankiest after-work drinking dens in the CBD with a robust cocktail menu to boot.

This winter, a shot of penicillin will see you through the icy nights. A generous swill of Johnnie Walker Black is shaken with lemon and lip-smacking ginger-honey syrup, topped with a float of Talisker whisky.

Cobbler’s King Fury

The king requests your presence at Cobbler. Those brassy whisky peddlers have just released their seasonal cocktail menu unto the thirty masses and woof is it a scorcher!

They say “winter is coming”, but King Fury rejects such notions. His pedigree is that of scotch, a splash of crème de menthe, a drop of sherry and an 85% cacao garnish, set alight and poured from the bosom of a small copper pot.

Dutch Courage’s Martini-Henry

Defend against scurvy and pirates with a nip of Dutch courage from this Alfred Street outpost.

You could spend endless nights sippin’ the gloom away with the swag of cocktails on offer at Dutch Courage Officer’s Mess, but the Martini-Henry stands out because (a) it’s a gatecrasher on a quality cocktail menu and (b) it combines chilli, chocolate bitters and maple to a bourbon-and-beer elixir. Pip pip frosty fingers!

UP On Constance’s Popcorn Thief

Movie watching and popcorn munching are mandatory wintry night activities, but the struggle between staying in and going out is real.

UP On Constance has Heston Blumenthal’ed the heck out of their Popcorn Thief cocktail–a silky delight that goes down easy with butter-popcorn infused spiced rum, almond-laced amaretto and vanilla sugar syrup. Bonus: no pesky kernel shells!

Hoo Ha Bar’s Gingerbread Lane

Cafe by day, bar by night, Hoo Ha is our kind of superhero–saving the thirsty one cocktail at a time. This reliable South Bank’s local has a winter cocktail list that could melt the hearts of the staunchest summer lovers.

Take a wander down Gingerbread Land with a mug of ginger-infused dark rum with fresh espresso, sweetened condensed milk and syrup and it's Cosy Town: population you.

Padre’s The All Nighter

Padre is a dive bar by name but dingy watering hole this ain’t. Its golden glow radiates out onto Stanley Street and before you know it, you’re sitting at the bar with a cocktail in hand. Don’t ask how – just let it happen.

Pull up a barstool and sink an All Nighter – a cheeky mix of rum, Kahlua, instant coffee, chocolate bitters and an orange twist. We also hear rumours of dessert tapas. Dessert. Tapas.

Canvas Bar’s L.P.R

Don your finest winter coat and become one with a buttoned Chesterfield couch at Canvas Cocktail and Wine Bar. Classy tunes, leather pews… is there’s a finer spot to spend a winter’s eve in Woolloongabba?

Treat your sweet tooth to a liquid dessert with Canvas’ L.P.R – Patron XO, white creme cacao, salted caramel ice cream and spicy pimento bitters. Uh, yum.

Cowch’s Apple Crumble

If your grandma baked an apple crumble and you threw a hot, heaping handful into the blender with some schnapps and vodka, you’d have a DIY version of Cowch’s Apple Crumble cocktail.

Butterscotch schnapps is winter. Winter is butterscotch schnapps. Imbibing has never felt so sweet.

Bitter Suite’s Hot Cider

You can always rely on Bitter Suite for understated brilliance. This winter, they’re brewing mulled wine and hot cider, laden with fruits and spices that make the joint smell like a log cabin in Aspen.

There’s also hot buttered rum for all the muggles out there who want to pretend they’re drinking butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Inn. Best keep the wand at home though, okay?

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