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6 Winter Cocktails You Need To Drink Before The Month Is Out

By Ranyhyn Laine
1st Aug 2019

Winter cocktails

There’s something unsettling about drinking eggnog on a 35-degree day. We’ll take our mulled wine and hot toddies in July, thanks.

All around town, cocktails with fruity elixirs and paper brollies have given way to buttery rum and cinnamon sticks, all with the intention of getting you nice and toasted. I mean, toasty. Yes… toasty.

Hot bevvies are the perfect remedy for shaking off those winter chills. Once you’re snug as a bug in Brisbane’s cosiest bars, warm your winter evenings by ordering one of these cold weather cocktails.

I Get A Kick Out Of You At Boom Boom Room 

Brisbane City 

Not only is the Boom Boom Room the ultimate basement bar to hide away in while those August winds howl outside, but you’ll also find steaming sips like this concoction of raisin bread, Bacardi Occho, Rittenhouse Rye, five berry syrup and bitters on the cards. As an added bonus, you can feel good knowing the whole bar is focused on sustainability, to the point of turning unused flat champagne to syrup for use in other drinks. Drinking for the environment? We’re in. 

Coco Chanel At Canvas 


Canvas’s seasonal cocktail lists always read more like a choose your own adventure novel than a drinks menu, and this winter’s is no different. Our pick, the Coco Chanel, is like a warm apple pie, combining Apple Jack, Poire William, cream, cinnamon, lemon and chocolate grenadine. Flannel shirt optional. 

Buttered Rum At Riverbar & Kitchen 

Brisbane City 

If it’s a boozy afternoon getting toasty by the fire you’re after, Riverbar & Kitchen is the place to do it. Their August winter menu features hot buttered rum, filled with all the calorific goodness you’ll be turning down come summer, but for now is still definitely on the cards. Best paired with a baked brie for the full winter effect. 

Attar At Finney Isles 

Fortitude Valley

We’re not sure what sorcery they use to create it, but damn if the Attar isn’t magical and delicious, adding Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whisky and apricot brandy to baklava, served up hot and steaming. In fact, Finney Isles' whole menu is worth ensconcing yourself in a booth for, so maybe make plans to spend a few hours. 

Chocolate Elvis At The End 

West End

There’s nothing like a boozy hot chocolate to get your toes tingling, and The End’s variation is the best one we’ve seen this year. Take salted dark chocolate, Bulleit Bourbon, brandy and coconut condensed milk (drools) and serve it warm with a brownie on the side and you’ve basically won us over heart and soul. 

Mulled Wine At Regatta Hotel


Sure, mulled wine is a pretty standard winter sip, but as far as we know, no one else is pouring it in an enchanted winter woodland. Regatta has decked out their entire courtyard to make you feel all the apres vibes, complete with faux fur and epic comfort food boards. Hot cider is also on the menu, just in case you need the extra push.

Here’s what else you should do this month until spring finally starts.

Image credit: Boom Boom Room

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