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Play Mexican Bingo While You Drink Gigantic Margaritas At This Neon-Lit Bar

By Ranyhyn Laine
18th Oct 2019

el camino cantina

You’ve heard of regular bingo, and maybe even bingo raving, but what about Mexican bingo? Called Loteria, it’s one hell of a good time, and you can do it on the last Thursday of every month at El Camino Cantina.

So how does it work? Well, first of all, there’s no numbers. Instead, you’ll get a sheet covered in colourful pictures, but pay attention to the words underneath, because here’s where it gets tricky. Your host will yell out the names of those items… in Spanish. Cue confusion, frantic searching to work out exactly what ‘el carro’ means, and hilarity when words like ‘el bin chicken’ get shouted across the bar (yes, it’s exactly what you think it is). 

Even just combining the game with a plate of tacos and a few rounds of gigantic margaritas makes for a rollicking time, but for an even better night, you should definitely opt for the Loteria package. For just $29pp, you’ll score an hour of bottomless margaritas, beer, wine or soft drink as well as wings, a quesadilla of your choice and two tacos each of your choice to share. The only problem will be trying to split your focus between the feast in front of you and your Loteria game sheet. 

If you need more of a reason to give it a burl, there’s some sweet prizes up for grabs, from venue vouchers to El Camino T-shirts and Jose Cuervo merch. The next round is happening on Thursday 30 January, so do yourself a favour and book in here with a crew for the craziest round of bingo you’ll ever play. 

The Details 

Where: El Camino Cantina, Bowen Hills 
When: Last Thursday of the month 
Find out more here

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Image credit: El Camino Cantina 

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