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3 Ways To Nail Your Christmas Shopping This Silly Season

By Urban List Writers
21st Dec 2020

Cneakers in vibrant colours.

Christmas is a joyous time, but sometimes it can be hard to relax and take in all of the festive goodness until you’ve conquered your Christmas shopping. After all, nailing everyone’s gifts is certainly no mean feat.

So to help you sort your gifting, we’ve teamed up with Westfield to serve up three easy tips to nailing your Christmas shopping this season so you can stop stressing and start getting celebrating.  

Plan Before You Scan

Most of the time it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start when it comes to tackling your Christmas shopping. Whether it’s your 3-year-old niece, your 80-year-old grandma or your best friend, it can be hard knowing what to buy everyone. To avoid the brain fart that is deciding Christmas gifts at the last minute, take the time to really think about what each person needs (and yes, we mean more than 10 minutes before you head to the check out). Is your friend always pinching your lip gloss that she loves? Has your partner been complaining about their dodgy sunnies? Has your dad found a new love of cycling? There’s always a thoughtful gift you can get for someone, whether it’s something they need, love, or don’t even know they want it (yet). When you’re creating your shopping list make sure to be specific with what you’re buying it, how much it’s going to cost and where exactly you’re going to get it from to make your expedition a breeze.

Hit The Stores

We all know there’s nothing worse than delayed parcels, shipping costs, online shopping fails or having to deal with pesky returns. To safeguard yourself against online shopping mishaps head into your nearest Westfield Shopping Centre to get everything you need under one roof. Not only that, but all Westfield have extended their trading hours well into the night and in the early morning, so you can shop when it suits and ditch peak-time Christmas craziness. Whether it’s activewear for your Mum, a new dress for your bestie, toys for the little ones or even stocking up on delicious foods for your Christmas feasting, you’ll be able to hit all the birds (shopping) with one stone. Better yet, you can download the W+ app that not only keeps you from getting lost with their handy map, but feeds you daily updates of their latest retail offers and exclusive member gifts and discounts. If you're looking for an even more seamless shopping trip you can roll right into Valet Parking and have the Westfield team park your car. There are even gift wrap bars that avoid those late-night, last-minute wrap-fests where you always seem to run out of sticky tape, and also allow you to give to very worthy charities. 

One For You, One For Me

Christmas isn't just about giving gifts, it's also about a little self-care and indulgence. Find something for yourself while you’re out – that way you can avoid disappointment when you open your Secret Santa and get the same variation of a pressie for a third year in a row (there’s only so many beach towels one needs) . Wrap it up and pop it under the tree “To Me; From Me”, and hold that Christmas delight until the big day. Oh, and don’t forget your NYE ensemble – that way you can just kick back on Boxing Day or head straight to the beach knowing that you’re already party-ready.     

Who ever said Christmas shopping had to be hard? Make gifting a breeze this year thanks to Westfield’s huge range of stores and extended trading hours. Less time fretting over presents and more time spent kicking back with a cold bev is a win for us. Click here to discover your local Westfield trading hours.

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