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Free Gelato Messina Delivered To Your Door, One Day Only!

By Catherine Blake
22nd Jul 2015

With a cult following in Sydney and Melbourne, Messina’s arctic wonderments have only made it as far north as Coolangatta, and now Uber are saving us the drive.

That’s right folks, it’s that time of year again, and the wunderkinds at Uber repeating their special offer to deliver tubs of dairy-whip joy to the Messina-starved Brisbane masses right to your door. (If this news isn’t sending ecstatic quivers up your spine, call a medic because there’s something wrong with you).

This time both Uber and Messina have upped their game and developed a special flavour just for this occasion in the cheekiest of cheeky collabs. The result is  uberX scoop, a veritable explosigasms of hazelnut gelato with white chocolate, hazelnut fudge, milk choc chips and crisp wafers. This exclusive combination is the official flavour of Uber’s ice cream delivery and is only available to punters this Friday.

But it's not just Brisbane who's being treated—Uber are offering free, personally delivered ice cream on an international scale to 254 countries, and to or local pals in Perth, Sydney, Melb and loads of other Aussie locations. Why? Because they love us back.

This gelato-madness is kicking off on Friday from 11am until 5pm or until stocks run out (be warned; it’s happened before). The delicious tubs go for $15 for current users, but if you’re a first time user, it’s absolutely free. Any stragglers out there who haven’t jumped on the Uber bandwagon yet, now is the perfect time.

Because we'd hate for you to miss out (Messina stocks, while plentiful, are limited!), here's our step-by-step guide to scoring gelato on Friday:

How to place an order for Gelato Messina:

> First thing’s first, make sure you have downloaded the Uber app.
> Next, log in and enter the promotional code ‘ICECREAMOZ’ when signing up or in the promotions section if you’re already an Uber traveller.
> Set your location and request ICE CREAM.
> Ready your largest spoon.

Tuck in, Listers!

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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