CONFIRMED! The Inner North Is Getting A Permanent (And FREE) Outdoor Cinema!

By Kaitlan Rath
17th Jul 2018


In case you missed the council application memo (most likely—even we had to dig around!) Kelvin Grove's McCaskie Park is getting a permanent outdoor cinema. AND IT’S GOING TO BE FREE! The awesome thing about this recently approved council initiative, is that unlike other seasonal pop-up outdoor cinemas—we're looking at you Ben and Jerrys, Openair Cinema, Sunset Cinema, et al—this will be a 365 day a year gig. (And, let us again emphasise that it’s going to be F.R.E.E.)

We're totally here for Brisbane City Council's initiatives to get more people using our abundant public spaces; we live in the sunshine state for a start—being in the great outdoors is kind of our thing. Also, who doesn't love a cheeky twilight movie screening? No one, that's who.

McCaskie Park is already a prime spot for ultimate PG-rated fun; featuring a playground, a picnic area, BBQ’s and a half-sized tennis court. The proposed screen will be operational anytime through the week featuring family movie events, short film screenings (with its proximity to Brisbane's famed La Boite Theatre expect a heap of collabs), twilight community festivals and public theatre and arts performances. 

No news on when the screen will be completed and open for business, but you can be sure of one thing; we're upping sticks and moving to KG!

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Image credit: Movies NZ

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