Nodo Donuts To Open Bakery In Newstead!

By Catherine Blake
20th May 2015

Yeah, we’re pretty much beside ourselves too…

By now you’re probably familiar with Nodo’s fine work distributing delicious gluten-free donuts across Brisbane, and even more familiar with the calamity of sleeping in and missing out on one of their earthshaking delicacies. Prepare to get cosy with your snooze button when Nodo Donuts launch their very own bakery in Newtead this August, pumping out racks on racks on racks of their delicious tasties so that the crushing disappointment of seeing the last donut walk off in someone else’s grasp will soon be a stranger to you. 

(It’s a donut for breakfast, but why do I feel so pious? Gah! Inner conflict! Tell me what to feel!)

Usually fried to a golden crisp and overpoweringly sugary, the idea of having donuts for breakfast sounds like an occasion for elasticated waistbands and moral abandon. Nodo Donuts are special not just because they are made with the highest quality ingredients and completely gluten free, but because of the exciting and vibrant flavour combinations they come in. Visitors to this new Brisbane bakery may indulge in a choice of blueberry lemon cheesecake with pistachios, white chocolate and raspberry, orange blossom, and so many more it actually makes my head spin.  

If the idea of a donut for breakfast is just TOO indulgent for you, maybe try one of Nodo’s raw donut treats and wash it down with one of their signature shakes made on nut milk, or an organic, fair-trade coffee. All lovingly packed full of that nourishing yumness to put you on cloud nueve. 

For a sweet and guilt-free indulgence, be sure to roll past the Nodo Donut Bakery when they open shop this August for some of the best donuts in Brisbane and a delicious coffee to dunk them in.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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