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Brisbane’s Got The First Ever Make-Your-Own Tee, Tea and Pots Workshop!

By Alex Topakas
8th Nov 2017


Now, we love chilling the eff out as much as the next person (Netflix is practically a profession hobby these days) but sometimes it's great to get up off your arse and, you know, actually achieve something. New experiences are the order of the day; doing something new expands the mind, staves off the boredom of the daily grind, and is a tonne of fun. And guess what? We've found something we bet you've never done before...

Enter, Only-T. The world's first t-shirt and tea brewhouse where you get to create-it-yourself. Literally.

The brain child of Nic, Mike and Lucas—the award-winning team behind Orange Sky Laundry, the world's first free mobile laundry service for the homeless—Only-T is a creative concept space where you can brew your own tea, make your own t-shirts and make pots right in the heart of Winsdor. Drop everything!

The three 'tea' connoiseurs of Only-T, Lucas, Mike and Nic wanted to create a space where groups and individuals could come have some fun and create something tangible; setting up their brewhouse in a gorgeous old warehouse on the northside is the creative outlet we all need right now.

Only-T hosts 'Tee Parties' weekly on Friday and Sunday arvos for up to 20 people, where getting your hands dirty is a given and drinks are BYO (personally our creative streak shines through post-a glass of wine or three...) but spaces are limited, so book yourself a spot pronto. Guys, make your own t-shirts and tea-pots and tea. Gosh, it's gotten our inner creative all aflutter.

So long Twinings, life has become just far too interesting now. 

Happy brewing, Brisbane!


What: Only-T
Where: 49 Victoria Street, Windsor
For more info or to book your next Tee party click here.

Image credit: provided, Only-T

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