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By Ellie Grounds
1st Aug 2015

Here’s a little fun fact to take to the pub with you on Friday afternoon and circulate among your work colleagues: Rosalie is not a suburb. Yep. Let that sink in. Formerly a residential suburb and now a locality of Paddington, little Rosalie has been described as “Brisbane’s forgotten daughter” (legit). But, despite only spanning a handful of streets, this area packs a punch with its exciting array of things to do, see and (most importantly) eat, and, in the eyes of our fair city, is definitely not forgotten.

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Moga Izakaya & Sushi

According to our mate Wikipedia, izakayas are “casual places for after-work drinking”. I feel like I need not say more, but I will. The Japanese sweetheart of the Rosalie dining scene, Moga Izakaya & Sushi is an oriental twist on tapas-style dining. With share plates, a sushi train and a robata grill, there is sure to be something to tickle everyone’s tastebuds.

Gelateria Cremona

Let’s face it, Rosalie is pretty much like a small country town—you’ve got your butcher, your baker, your candlestick maker. Wait… anyway, the point is that you can pretty much get everything you need to survive down in Rosalie, and that includes quality ice-cream! Using traditional Italian gelato production methods, the team at Gelateria Cremona whip up some awesome flavours such as sticky date pudding (delicious), Italian cream (which tastes like orange and poppyseed cake better) and Vegemite (yeah, weird).


Look, we couldn’t have done an exposé on places to get good nosh in Rosalie without including Mints. Yes, I may have beef with the quality of their phone line but hot damn they make a good grilled chicken rice paper roll!

best cafes rosalie

Bungalow Bar & Restaurant

If you’re in to sipping on sav in a groovy grotto of greenery, Bungalow Bar & Restaurant is for you. If you’re in to doing trivia with a tipple, Bungalow Bar & Restaurant is for you. If you’re in to lounging with a Long Island Iced Tea and listening to live music, Bungalow Bar & Restaurant is for you.

The Bounty

Esquire alumni Cameron Murchison knew there was something missing in his neighbourhood of Rosalie, so he went right ahead and fixed it. With an expertly curated beverage list, The Bounty is your number-one pit stop in Rosalie for a Friday night cocktail or a Sunday afternoon cider.  

best cafes rosalie

Rosalie Gourmet Market

Lucky Rosalie plays home to one of the finest deli-slash-grocers in all of Brisvegas. Pop down to the Rosalie Gourmet Market and pick up some homemade pizza bases, gourmet cheese, cured meats and fresh local produce and have yourself the homemade pizza party of legends.

Welsh Lady

An institution among Brisbane’s cake scene, the Welsh Lady is the go-to woman to help celebrate any milestone. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, divorces, you name it, the Welsh Lady’s chocolate mousse cake has you covered.

Wine Experience

After you’ve picked up your dinner from the Gourmet Market and dessert from the Welsh Lady, head to Wine Experience to pick the perfect drop to accompany any meal.

best cafes rosalie

Mr Men Barbers

If you’re a man on a mission to trim your locks, Mr Men is the place for you! No appointments are necessary—just walk on in and get ready to look fresh. 

Endota Spa

Your one-stop shop for massages, facials, waxing, manis, pedis and day spa treatments. Treat yo’ self!

best cafes rosalie

See a movie at Blue Room Cinebar

Rosalie’s answer to Gold Class, the Blue Room Cinebar is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a film... with a meal delivered to your seat. Their menu includes share platters, homemade pizzas and desserts, or you can get something from Thai Terrace downstairs!

Play tennis at Emerson Tennis Centre

The former Milton Tennis Centre site has been reworked in to Frew Park, and is now home to the Roy Emerson Tennis Centre. With six tennis courts for hire and coaching on offer, you’re sure to become a pro in no time.

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