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Green Up Your Home With These Brisbane Plant Delivery Services

By Lillian Curthoys
7th Apr 2020

Plant delivery Brisbane

With workplaces around Brisbane (and Australia) currently opting to work from home, we’re all faced with the sudden challenge of transforming our home into a multi-purpose sanctuary to serve as both an office and home. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do that? Plants.

We’re all aware of flower delivery services, but what you might not know is that Brisbane boasts some pretty lush indoor plant delivery services that help you level-up your home (or office) into a fresh, inviting and inspiring space, without even leaving your house.

The Plant Lounge

Nundah’s The Plant Lounge is here to solve the problem of how exactly to get plants during corona-time, but with such a wide range, the problem is now in the choosing. With devil’s ivy and ficuses to spare, The Plant Lounge offers delivery on a price per kilometre basis, with a 10km delivery costing $10, and so on. And you can get even more excited with—depending on business—the option for same day delivery. Wahoo. 

Plant Empire

Plant Empire is finally online and we couldn't be happier about it. They're delivering plants, pots and garden products from their Yeerongpilly location to around Brisbane, with everything you need to create an indoor jungle available on their online store. They’re even doing crafty workshops virtually if you find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands, with all the equipment you’ll need ready for pick up and delivery.


Whether you’re after a fiddle leaf fig or a peace lily, Bosque is here to deliver the best indoor plants right to your door, and while they’re based in Brisbane they ship all over Australia. Shop their extensive range of gorgeous foliage, or take a look at their Plant Lovers Potting Box which comes with a plant, pot, potting mix, seaweed tablets and a compostable potting tarp to help keep your surfaces clean. 

Pot Me Pretty

Pot Me Pretty offers the delivery of plants and extra special add-ons, which can include anything from prosecco to candles. But we’re here for the real stars, which come in the form of alocasia (elephant ear), monstera deliciosa and the gorgeous pots that come along with the delivery. Include a brass mister or a trowel, snips and label set, and your house will be a zen garden in no time. 

Plants In A Box 

With over 600 varieties delivered directly from the grower, Plants in a Box is the new way to shop for green goodness. Their pre-packaged plant boxes come in an array of styles, from those for dark spaces and pet-filled households, or you can mix and match your own species to match your own style. Consult their plant nerds online to find exactly the right type of plant for your household, and await a delivery of mother nature’s best. 

The Plant People

As one of the first companies to seed, grow, pot and deliver room ready plants, you can trust us when we say The Plant People know what they’re doing. With a gorgeous range of greenery including giant birds of paradise, swiss cheese vine and string of pearl plants, The Plant People deliver all their plants in delightfully effervescent pots—all you have to do is find the right spot (and not kill it). 

Home Of House Plants

Imagine having a living forest in your lounge room, and a greenhouse in your bathroom. It’s a dream that’s achievable with the Home of House Plants, who have a wide range of indoor plants to fulfil all your interior designer dreams. If you want, say, a spotted leopard plant, simply fill your cart, pay, and wait for it to arrive. 

Botanic Box 

Having nearly killed every plant, what choice do you have but to continue buying in the hope you might keep just one alive? Perhaps a monthly plant subscription is for you. Yep, Botanic Box offers a monthly plant club, where they collaborate with local businesses to bring you a wide variety of unique plants and pots each month. So if you accidentally kill one, just wait til the next month, and forget it ever happened. 

Prefer to browse? Here’s 14 of the best places to buy plants in Brisbane.

Image credit: Brina Blum

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