Get A Plant Baby Delivered To Your Door Thanks To This New Delivery Service

By Ranyhyn Laine
6th Dec 2019

Plant delivery Brisbane

Oh no, it’s happened. You’ve murdered yet another plant. What was it this time? A monsteria? A fiddle leaf fig? A supposedly impossible-to-kill succulent (overwatering is a thing you know)?

Dry your tears, because you can have another one on your doorstep pronto, and you don’t even have to make the trek to Bunnings to get it, thanks to new boutique plant delivery company, The Plant People

As well as delivering happiness straight to your door, these Brisbane-born plant purveyors have a pretty unique deal. They’re one of the first companies to completely seed, grow, pot and deliver room-ready plants from their own nursery to your doorstep, ready for you to adopt and love (and hopefully keep alive). 

Bonus, their leafy friends are grown and nurtured in such a way that unlike your ex, they’ll thrive on neglect. With both regular and exotic varieties ranging in price from $19.95—$395, they even come ready planted in a groovy pot, so all you need to do is find it a perfect perch. And remember to water it. 

Not sure whether you can bear to lose another stalk? Take a quiz to find your perfect plant match, whether you’re a stage-five clinger or living in a sun-free household. 

Prefer to browse? Here’s 14 of the best places to buy plants in Brisbane.

Image credit: Brina Blum

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