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The Best Cocktails For Rooftop Drinking

By Desta Cullen
6th Aug 2015

Rooftop drinking is, in our humble opinion, the best thing since, well...everything.

Sure, Brisbane may only be just cluing on to this particular trend but when we jump on a bandwagon, we do it damn well.

We know without a shred of doubt that you love Eagles Nest rooftop bar because a) it’s one of the best rooftop bars in Brisbane b) when we introduced it last year, our Facebook actually* blew up.

(*More like literally but you get the drift.)

Of course the most appropriate, to-be-seen-drinking-tipples for a rooftop session are cocktails and champagne (#thuglyf), which coincidentally are Eagles Nest’s forte.

So we hit them up for their expert advice on what one should be drinking on a rooftop, because a standard vodka soda is just not going to cut it for your image, or Instagram account, let’s be honest.

Without further ado, here are the only seven cocktails you should be drinking on a rooftop (i.e. Eagles Nest Brisbane).     

Apple Martini

Don’t call it an apple-tini, because it’s not. Plus, that’s so ‘90s. This is a serious martini with a nice tang, with a pleasing apple and vanilla flavour thanks to the vanilla Absolut and apple liqueur. It’s not the Big Apple’s skyline you’re looking at but it’s damn good anyway.

Awkward Moment

Vodka, Malibu, Chambord; Very approps sky-high ingredients come together in a super not-awkward way in this drink. We sense some irony.

Basil & Mint Mojito

Savoury herbs really are the zeitgeist of cocktails at the moment, and basil is the golden darling. Punchy and rummy, this mojito has fizz in all the right places. Sip while the sun goes down over the river, cheering your good taste!

Espresso Martini

Who can honestly say no to an espresso martini (c’mon, it’s coffee and booze)? The original party starter, the EM’s trend-lustre is still strong so it makes the cut, natch.  

Lemon Drop Martini

Retro is so hawt right now, but this is no basic-bitch, limoncello-based drivel. Fresh lemon, Absolut Citron and triple sec make for a citrus delight perfect for drinking under a bright blue sky. Brisbane winters for the win.

Raspberry Mojito

There’s a reason that the artist formerly known as Prince (or is he Prince again?) sang about berets of the raspberry variety—because they’re sexy fruit. And sexy fruit deserves to be put in scrumptious and very ‘grammable cocktails.

Moet Ice Imperial Champagne

Technically not a cocktail, but a Moet that can be served over ice is totes boss—rooftop bar level boss. And it has fruit in it! Fizzy bubbly all the way!

Eagles Nest is open to the public from 3pm on Sundays, and available for functions 7 days a week.  

TUL Note: This article is proudly sponsored by Eagles Nest and endorsed by The Urban List.  Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie

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