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By Sophia McMeekin
22nd Apr 2015

Each month one member of The Urban List team will be sharing their current obsessions, and—shock—not all of it’s edible!

This month our Brisbane Editor, Sophia McMeekin shares her new favourite everythings: from hairy shoes, to boozy scents and nap-apps, here’s what on her radar.


Malin+Goetz Dark Rum Edt at Mecca Cosmetica

Maybe it’s the happy Friday-night associations, but scents that smell like booze are just plain old better than regular perfumes. Case in point, the deliciously heady Dark Rum Edt from Malin+Goetz at Mecca Cosmetica. Intoxication without the slurring and cab fare? Sign me up.

Point Court Pony Stiletto by Scanlan Theodore

I love me some hairy shoes. These burgundy pony-haired cloppers by the understatement gurus at Scanlan Theodore are surprisingly restrained and go with pretty much everything.

New Brisbane Food Truck, The Bone Lorry

Brisbane’s food truck scene is going from strength to strength right now, and my new fave is meat-wagon, The Bone Lorry. The epic burgers and ribs coming out of this little van are off the charts—definitely worth a stalk.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo at Avid Reader

This cult-read/instructional manual is EXTREME—like, throw-out-your-treasured-memories extreme—but it’s a refreshing and necessary book for anyone with an emotional attachment to junk (me). Anyone that can teach me to enjoy folding my washing is a genius. Get your messy paws on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up at Avid Reader.

Bambino Fig from PJs Plantscape Designs

The green thumbed legends at PJs Plantscape Designs dropped this bambino off to the office a few weeks ago and I’ve been head over heels ever since. Hardy and adorbs, I can’t quit cooing at it, and my desk’s never looked schmicker.

Sunday Riley Isis Lipid Serum 30ml, at Mecca Cosmetica

Sunday Riley’s face oils have got quite the cult following, and after getting my mitts on bottle at Mecca, it’s not hard to see why. Promising hydration and regeneration, the combo’ of rosehip oil, botanical lipids (what is this? Not sure.), and bunch of other yummy smelling stuff, the Isis Lipid Serum seems to have plumped and retextured my skin. Hurray! This is a beauty splurge that’s worth the dough.

Filth Illustrations by Christian Simms

Christian Simms is a local illustrator drawing all the good food he eats around Brisbane town. It’s very Beavis and Butthead-esque, and I want it on my wall.

Sleep Cycle App, iOS and Android

I am obsessed with catching quality zzzzs (you’re wondering how I got so cool, right?), so this little app is my jam. Not only does Sleep Cycle measure your sleep quality throughout the night, it also doubles as an alarm clock, which gently wakes you up in the lightest part of your sleep cycle! No alarm clock-induced heart palpitations for me.

The Crumpets at King Arthur

King Arthur has just opened down the road from our office, and I’m already smitten with their sourdough crumpets. Autumn and crumpets just go together, and the rhubarb and honeycomb topping doesn’t hurt, either. Plus, this new café is kewt as anything, which counts for a lot when you haven’t had a coffee yet.

Jerome Dreyfuss Billy M Noir in Caviar at The Standard Store

I NEED this Dreyfuss in my life. It will fit all my junk (removed from my house during Kondo-style clean out), and…ok, I just want it. Christmas can’t come soon enough. Jerome, be mine.

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