This Brisbane Burger Joint Is The Reason You Love Burgers!

By Jessica Pridmore
28th May 2015

I don’t even remember the time before burgers had taken over the world. Seriously, what did we even used to eat? Were we permanently hungry? Like it or not, the reign of the humble beef pattie has reached fever pitch in Brisbane, and mark our words, this is no time to go vego.

While it might feel like Brisbane’s burger obsession has been around forever, believe it or not, there was a time when you could walk down the street and have to actually hunt for a pattie in a bun if the urge struck you. That, or a quick trip to the golden arches would have to suffice… Those were sad times.

Housed inside The Barracks, Fab Fish & Burger Grill has been working the grill long before Brisbane succumbed to the burger pandemic. Since opening its doors in 2010 (this was also the year Instagram launched — doesn't that seem like a million years ago!), FaB has been whipping up gourmet-style burgers to the cool kids and early burger-adopters in Brissy.

FaB has championed healthy, tasty burgers, sourcing local ingredients from the get go and creating practically everything in-house from scratch: from the pattie to the sauces!

FaB’s menu is small but eclectic. You’ll find some pretty out there burgers on this list. Sure, they have the staple hamburger (lovingly named the Number 1) and the menu broadens to include some damn tasty fish dishes, (I defy anyone who can turn down perfectly fried calamari, or ½ kilo of chicken wings and blue cheese sauce!) but it’s FaB’s burgers that hold our hearts.

Personal faves include the ‘Ab FaB’ —a beef pattie topped with crispy bacon, avo, cheese, caramalised onion, house relish and aioli— and their infamous ‘Miss Piggy —slow cooked pulled pork with apple relish and house pickled red onion.

FaB also has a great selection of Aussie craft beers including Two Birds and 4 Pines, and decent vino for knocking back with your burger, proving that you just cannot beat a bun and a bevvie. Whether you’re up for a quick bite before a movie or a big game, or just want to hang out with mates and watch the world go by, FaB is the go-to spot for authentic burgers—without the food guilt!


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Image credits: Esteban Rivera

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