This New Brisbane Restaurant & Bar Is The Ultimate Date Location

By Desta Cullen
26th Jun 2015

I was having a conversation with a newly-Tindered friend on the weekend (always entertaining) during which she enlightened me on the intricacies of choosing a location for a Tinder date.

The criteria is many and varied: it must be casual but not too ‘lax, with a bar and a restaurant, should you need to bail after one drink, or continue on to dinner if you’re getting Mr or Mrs Right vibes… Not too quiet, not to loud, flattering lighting, etc, etc.

It all seems very complicated. But it got me thinking about how rare it is to find a place that is the ultimate Brisbane date venue i.e. you would be comfortable taking a first date there, and also (should things go well on said date) turning it into your reg’ special-occasion go-to.

It’s a rare combination, but one that new Brisbane restaurant The New Inchcolm Hotel in Spring Hill totally nails.  

Recently renovated, full-to-the-brim with history—it originally opened in 1896—and with more than its fair share of swank, The New Inchcolm is officially home to our ultimate date spots: Thomson’s Reserve restaurant, and the Gatsby-inspired Socialites Bar.

But finding a place to take someone on a date is just the start; knowing what to pick from the menu, is a quagmire all on its own. Which is where we come in.  

We want to save you from bad dates, awkward conversations and social shame so we’ve come up with the essential food and drink pairings at The New Inchcolm Hotel, dependent on your dating-life stage. How handy!

Just send us a postcard from your honeymoon as thanks, daters of Brisbane.

Hey, I Just Met You

White chocolate, blueberry curd with elderflower gel and golden cherry meringue + the Shrinking Violet

So you’ve swiped right. Congrats, now comes the hard part. But don’t worry, conversation will flow easily with this delish drink in hand, and by the time the sweet treat arrives, you definitely won’t be a shrinking violet.

Facebook Official

Wood herb-smoked gnocchi with garden pea variations + Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

A smokey pairing for a smokin’ hot relationship. It’s official on Facebook, so you need a serious pairing to celebrate. 

Puttin’ a Ring On It

Aromatic Western Plains pig cheek with seared Hervey Bay scallops + Madame Marmalade cocktail

Mrs Thomson, Brisbane’s original socialite (and the inspiration for the bar) would have accepted nothing less than perfection, and neither should you. So when a goodie comes along, you should grab it with both hands, and then follow Queen B’s orders. Eat this dish before or after popping the question. You can never start planning too early so check out The Inchcolm’s amazing function spaces, The Foxtrot Room and Charleston Room, for the big day.

Duck, Yes… I Do!

Organic pressed duck leg and sous vide duck breast with flowers + Dr Thomson cocktail

Wedding bells are ringing (or have rung) so duck is the perfect dish to consummate your love, no? Plus this one is so very pretty with its floral countenance. Add a classy drink, for a classy occasion. 

My Heart Is Mushie For You

Forest mushroom garden with garlic seeds + Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin

5 years and counting, maybe a couple of kids, and you can still see the forest for the trees. Earthy flavours feature heavily in this one, perfectly offset by the refreshing but complex aged gin.

You’re My Bae

New England lamb rack and pressed lamb shoulder with black olive and grains + Bolero cocktail

Just because 15+ years has gone by doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. Lamb impresses no matter what your status, so don’t be sheepish. 

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