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Two Minutes With Annabelle Kirkpatrick

By Kim Barnard
9th Jul 2013

In Spilt Ink, her very first exhibition, Annabelle Kirkpatrick will showcase some of her beautiful watercolour and illustration artwork. The exhibition, to be held at one of our favourite Brisbane spots, The Rabbit Hole Ideation Cafe, will showcase Annabelle's pieces, and will be supported by music from the very talented, Hailey Calvert.

We caught up with the artist before her big show, and chatted about the best part of being an artist, personal style, and her latest Brisbane discovery.

TUL: Describe in one sentence what you do for work?       

AK: I design and create, mostly illustration and painting at the moment.

TUL: What is the best part about what you do?

AK: Collaborating with other creative people.

TUL: If you weren't an artist, what other path would you choose?

AK: I think I'd try at being a writer of sorts.

TUL: What do you want people to take away from your art?

AK: A little bit of creative ambiance to help fill a room.

TUL: Tell us about your very first art exhibition (at The Rabbit Hole Gallery on Saturday night).

AK: Spilt ink is an opportunity for me to share what i've been working towards with other creative and likeminded people. It will showcase around 25 watercolour and ink illustrations as well as some creations featuring my own custom-designed fabric. We will top the evening off with live music by blues/folk artist, Hailey Calvert, and a few social drinks.

TUL: Describe your personal style.

AK: Organic and a little bit spontaneous.

TUL: If you were an animal, what would you be? 

AK: A blue whale.

TUL: If you could have a super power what would it be?

AK: Teleportation.

TUL: The last thing you purchased?

AK: A beer.

TUL: Best way to spend $50?

AK: Some new brushes and a copy of Art Collector or Desktop Magazine for some inspiration.

TUL: And the best way to spend $500? 

AK: A weekend away.

TUL: 3 great reads? Or musicians/albums you have on high rotation?

AK: Arcade Fire The Suburbs, Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork, and The Rubens.

TUL: The best gift that you have ever received? 

AK: A pair of Doc Martins (they have done their mileage).

TUL: The best gift that you have ever given? 

AK: A painting for my mum.

TUL: What would you request for your last meal on earth?

AK: A Mexican banquet.

TUL: What does a typical day look like for you?

AK: A 5am wake up for a 6am start at work, followed by coffee making and some coffee shop small talk, followed by a run/walk or a catch up with a friend and some family time and painting in the evening.

TUL: Favorite city . . . other than Brisbane? 

AK: Melbourne.

TUL: 3 places in Brisbane you couldn't live without? 

AK: Rocklea Markets, my local coffee shop, and eckersleys.

TUL: Favorite Brisbane coffee spot?

AK: Dennis' Espressivo in Kenmore (my local).

TUL: Favorite Brisbane restaurant? 

AK: Of late, it would have to be Sushi Kotobuki in East Brisbane.

TUL: Place for a drink? 

AK: A nice sunny spot on the beach.

TUL: Biggest Indulgence? 

AK: Chocolate.

TUL: Latest Brisbane discovery? 

AK: The Walrus Club!

TUL: What's next for you?

AK: At the end of the month I'm off on an adventure to the UK, I hope to work, travel and share my new paintings and other creations with as many people I can!

TUL Note: Make sure you head to Rabbit Hole this Saturday from 4pm to catch Annabelle's show!

Image Credit: Annabelle Kirkpatrick

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