We Check Out New West End Coffee Nook, Charlie Cools

By Ashton Rigg
28th Jul 2015

Oh hey, did you hear about the new kid in the neighbourhood? He’s pretty cool... He wears the freshest local threads and knows a good cup of coffee when he sees one. His name’s Charlie—Charlie Cools.

This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it West End coffee hutch is all about local love, from the beans (supplied by the Valley roasters Bear Bones Espresso) to the sweet treats (the really, really, ridiculously good looking Zoe’s Brownies). And if you thought the salted caramel brownies were sweet, wait until you meet the staff.

Some on-point latte art coupled with an eye-catching green wall from the fine craftspeople at Kurz Cabinetry really makes this hole-in-the-wall coffee spot pop, but poke your head out the back and you’ll see the tiny brewer is actually a gateway to a Narnia of Brissie-based designers.

This freshly minted coffee cart is the face of Your Locals Club—a showcase of locally owned and designed brands, from candles you’ll want to eat to shoes you’ll never want to take off, and some particularly striking ladies’ activewear. Come for the coffee, leave with a new workout wardrobe.

Charlie Cools is currently working on a pretty sweet partnership with Emily and Abbey of eaatreats to get some of their organic, raw, superfood sensations into daily rotation. Plans are also in the works for a fridge-full of premium CAPI sodas, in time for the return of warmer weather.

There’s so much happening, and they’ve only been open for a fortnight! Slow down you guys, you’re making the rest of us feel incredibly slack. But we’ll forgive you, because where else are we going to get our marshmallow-brownie fix and snap a selfie with a life-sized Charlie Brown?

Want the location, opening hours, and all the details? Check out Charlie Cools on the Directory!

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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