We’ve Found Brisbane’s Spiciest Food

By Rachel Lay
10th Feb 2016

Sometimes a dousing of Sriracha just doesn’t cut the mustard. For those times, Brisbane can well and truly deliver the goods. If by goods you mean meals so hot you may need a first aid kit, a sweatband and quite some time in the bathroom. Give these fiery food offerings a go:

#1 The World’s Hottest Burger

Off The Wall Diner |  Wellington Point

Based off the name alone, you’d better believe Off The Wall Diner’s offering is spicy AF. The burger is delicately seasoned with Mega Death Sauce, which you can guess is also pretty gosh darn spicy.

#2 High Heat Fire Tonkotsu

Taro Ramen | Ascot and CBD

Ramen isn’t often found amongst spicy superlatives, but here it is. Taro Ramen is the go-to for on point ramen in Brisbane, and the High Heat Fire Tonkotsu means that spice-lovers can finally feel at home in the ramen scene. Add extra chilli oil to take it up a notch, if you dare.

#3 Vlad The Inflamer Ghost Chilli Challenge

WingBlaster | Clayfield

Ghost Chilies are scarier than their paranormal counterparts in TUL’s humble opinion. Wingblaster’s spiciest offering entails devouring six Ghost Chili wings in six minutes, which is no walk in the park.

#4 Seafood Hotpot With Noodles

Maru Korean BBQ | CBD

Korean’s know their way around spice, that’s for sure. Maru Korean BBQ is no exception with the majority of their menu packing quite the punch. We can’t go past their seafood hotpot with noodles. Trust us.

#5 Trinidad Scorpion Wings

Gypsy’s Wagon |  Gaythorne

These bad boys are coated in only the world’s second hottest chili, so how bad can they be? Coated in a firery combo of chili, bhut jolokia peppers and orange habenero from Gypsy's Wagon aren’t for the faint hearted.

#6 Chicken Hai-Hai

Curryville | Morningside

Curryville’s Chicken Hai-Hai is nek level hot. Deemed Brisbane’s spiciest curry, they are kind enough to give you a safety kit with every order. Game on?

#7 18+ Wings

Texas Wild Wings | Springwood

These wings are hot enough to require an ID check, a pair of gloves and a tonne of regret. If you down 5 of these wings in 5 minutes you win a $100 to spend at Texas Wild Wings, a t-shirt and your picture on the wall. Winning!

Image credit: Seriouseats

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